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Skype Will No Longer Update Its Windows Phone 7 App

Are you still rockin’ a Windows Phone 7 device? Do you regularly use Skype? If so, you might want to consider upgrading. Skype announced this morning that it has stopped development of Skype for Windows Phone 7. The decision was made after it decided to focus all of its efforts on Windows Phone 8 for the foreseeable future. It also …

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Mainstream Support For Windows Phone 8 Ends In 2014

The traditional Windows operating system has a mainstream support lifespan of at least five years. During that time, Microsoft will continue to update the OS with security and stability updates. It seems that Microsoft will be bucking that trend with its mobile OS. Microsoft unveiled its support timeline for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 recently, and both operating …

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Windows Phone 7.8 Is Still Alive, Launches Early 2013

Windows Phone 8 is now out, and Windows Phone 7 users can only look on in jealousy. Well, that is until they get their own update in the form of Windows Phone 7.8 that adds a number of features from Windows Phone 8 to the platform. Microsoft hasn’t said much about the update since it was announced, but at least …

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AOL’s Entrance Rolls Augmented Reality And Entertainment Into One Impressive Package

Microsoft and Nokia are holding a big event today to show off the future of the Windows Phone platform. We’re expecting to see some new hardware from Nokia’s impressive Lumia line. The mobile device manufacturer has also been busy on the software side of things lately. They recently announced Nokia Music, a free streaming service, but a new partnership with …

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Nokia Has A Plan In Case Windows Phone 8 Goes Splat

In business, as in war, chess, and first dates, it’s always good to have an exit strategy, a backup plan to disentangle yourself if things go south. This backup plan is infinitely more important if you’re struggling. And Nokia is definitely struggling. Like many phone companies that were at the top of their game when the iPhone came out five …

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Microsoft Kicks Up Its “Smoked by Windows Phone” Ad Campaign

In February, Microsoft began an ad campaign for its Windows Phones called “Smoked By Windows Phone.” The campaign involved Microsoft Store employees challenging Android and iPhone users to contests involving performing various tasks on a smartphone. The tasks were often weighted against contestants by having the Windows Phone prepared in advance to perform the pre-selected task, but showing off the …

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Windows Phone Map App Gets Expanded Traffic Coverage

Last month, Bing Maps announced that it would be providing better traffic coverage for users thanks to some backend support from Nokia. Senior Product Manager of the Windows Phone Map App Scott Burton recently offered an update on the traffic data integration with Windows Phone 7, explaining that the traffic coverage has been expanded beyond just the main highways and …

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Windows Phone Marketplace Gets Improvements

The Windows Phone Marketplace has proven to be a great place for developers to make bank. Back in April, we reported that indie game developer, FourBros Studios, was pulling in about $1,000 a day from their Windows Phone 7 game. The potential is there for even more success as long as Microsoft keeps up with curation. As part of that …

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Have A Windows Phone? Better Upgrade To 7.5

Regardless of the jokes that permeate the mobile industry, there are people who use and love Windows Phone 7. Even Siri thinks that the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best phone currently on the market until Apple ceased her insubordination. There are people who bought Windows Phones before the big 7.5 update last fall and they’re going to want to …

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Windows Phone Marketplace Gets Strict With Submissions

If there’s one complaint one could levy against the iTunes app store and Google Play, it would be that both are filled with a lot of trash. Little developers create an obviously lazy attempt at cashing in on the app craze or they outright steal somebody else’s app for their own purposes. It’s sad, but it’s common when both app …

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Windows Phone Marketplace Losing Zune Software Support

All the major smartphone operators – Apple, Google and Microsoft – allow users to download apps from the Web or the smartphone itself. Microsoft strangely enough had a third option that allowed users to download Windows Phone 7 apps from the Zune HD store. Probably due to the fact that nobody knows what a Zune is anymore, Microsoft is removing …

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Taptitude Proves Windows Phone 7 Games Can Be Successful

If you’ve been following the mobile arena for any time now, you would have known that Zynga acquired “Draw Something” developer OMGPOP for a cool $200 million. Before that, OMGPOP was bringing in six figures a day in revenue. It’s a true testament to the ability of mobile games on Android and iOS to make developers obscenely wealthy. On the …

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Nokia Sells 2 Million Lumia Windows Phones in Q1

Nokia has just revealed that it sold 2 million Lumia Windows Phone devices worldwide during Q1, 2012, and calls the results for its devices and services for the quarter “disappointing,” and states that its “difficult financial performance reflects company in transition.” Nokia launched its Lumia 900 on April 8th, which is one of the cheapest hi-end smartphones ever, at $100 …

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Bing Details Bing Features For Nokia Lumia 900

Remember the Nokia Lumia 900? It was the really impressive Windows phone that Microsoft is betting heavily on since its first positive reviews came out of CES 2012. It was announced two weeks ago that the Lumia 900 would be launching April 8. Today is April 8 and guess what, the Lumia 900 is here. The Bing Team always knowing …

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Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Now Available

A recent study pegged developer interest in Windows Phone as rising. It’s still not at the level of iOS or Android, but the interest is there. Microsoft is keeping the flame alive with constant updates like today’s that adds in a few more key features that developers could use. The Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 announced today adds two new features …

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“Angry Birds Space” Is Confirmed For Windows Phone 7

After an erroneous report on Bloomberg news that had Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of the game’s maker, Rovio Entertainment Oy saying that the irrationally popular Angry Birds Space wasn’t coming to the Windows phone 7, the truth comes out! It was learned today that , “Angry Birds Space” is confirmed for Windows Phone 7 To make the confusion even …

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Windows Phone Collects Location Data, Too

With all the hubbub surrounding the recent discovery of the iPhone’s location data collection protocols, other mobile phone developers are falling on this geo-data sword as well. First, Android admitted its phone practiced similar data collection, and now, Microsoft has joined the fray, admitting the Windows Phone 7 also collects location data from its users. Microsoft admitted these details at …

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Microsoft Nokia Deal Signed, Bing in More Hands Next Year

Back in February, Microsoft and Nokia announced a partnership, which would see the two companies working together to take on Apple and Google in the smartphone market. At the time, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop it’s now a “three-horse race.” The companies have now signed their agreement, ahead of schedule, allowing both parties to begin engaging with operators, developers, and other …

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Windows Phone 7 App Development Numbers

At the MIX10 conference, Microsoft released its platform and free tools to app developers and told them to get started.  A year later, Windows Phone 7 Director Brandon Watson seems quite excited about some statistics detailed at the Windows Developer Blog. When considering the various measures of progress over the last year, we tend to focus on the third party …

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Windows Phone 7 Rumored with NFC?

One of the hottest technologies around is NFC.  Near Field Communication allows devices to communicate to other devices using short waves.  The reason this technology has caught fire has been its use in mobile credit card payments.  Another upcoming phone may be rolling out with full NFC capabilities. Last week we told you about iPhone 5 rumors that suggested NFC …

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Amazon Releases Windows Phone 7 App

Amazon has introduced a new free mobile shopping app for Windows Phone 7.

Amazon says the app is specifically designed for Windows Phone 7 and displays all of a product’s details in a single view, allowing users to scroll horizontally to search and buy without have to load new screens or leave the app.

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Microsoft 2010 By the Numbers

Microsoft made a slew of announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). More on that here. The company also revealed a bunch of numbers for 2010 that you might find interesting. 

So, let’s get right to them:


– 8 million: Number of Kinects sold in first 60 days

– 50 million: Xbox 360s sold to date

– 30 million: Number of Xbox LIVE members 

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Amazon Introduces Kindle App For Windows Phone 7

Amazon continues to make its Kindle app available on more and more devices, the latest is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

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Windows Phone 7 Sales Reach 1.5 Million

Android and iOS fanatics are likely to be all smiles today.  Microsoft’s at last released a figure related to the sales of Windows Phone 7 devices, and it’s not anything that’ll have investors dumping their shares of Google and Apple in order to get behind Steve Ballmer.

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Google Aims to Prevent Losing Mobile Users to Bing on Windows Phone 7

Google has launched a Google Search app for Windows Phone 7. The first Windows Phone 7 devices in the U.S. became available today.

While, we will no doubt see a flood of apps for the platform rush in, it is smart for Google to get theirs out there immediately, as Windows Phone 7 devices come with Bing as the default search option (via a hard key).

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Yelp Launches Windows Phone 7 App

Now that Windows Phone 7 devices are available in the U.S. we can expect that apps to start flooding in. Yelp announced its new Windows Phone 7 app today, available in Europe and the U.S. 

The app lets users use location-aware technology to find restaurants, shops, bars, etc. and read reviews for businesses, browse photos, map business locations, and get directions. 

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Windows Phone 7 Devices Available in the U.S. How Will They Sell?

Windows Phone 7 devices went on sale in the United States today with models available in AT&T and T-Mobile, stores.

Microsoft is sharing results from a Harris Interactive survey to help push its new operating system. The thinking is that Windows phones are "designed to get users in, out and back to life."

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MSFT To Give All 89,000 Workers Windows Phone 7 Devices

Microsoft’s 89,000 employees are in for a treat, and we’re not talking about a piece or two of Halloween candy.  Instead, it turns out that each of Microsoft’s employees will receive a Windows Phone 7 device at no charge.

To first hit upon one obvious point: this will be a costly move.  Putting the value of each phone at a conservative $150, and setting aside the matter of data plans (which the company may pay for), Microsoft will have to shell out $13.35 million in order to shower everyone with a phone.

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Twitter Launches Windows Phone 7 App

They may not outsell the iPhone or the most popular Android model, but the initial reviews of Windows Phone 7 devices have been pretty positive.  This afternoon, Windows Phone 7 received another compliment, too, as Twitter for Windows Phone was released.

The launch itself is praise of a sort; accurately or not, Twitter could have dismissed Microsoft’s offering as poorly designed or irrelevant in terms of probable user base.

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Amazon Readies Kindle App For Windows Phone 7 said today it will launch a Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 sometime later this year.

 The Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 includes new features, such as  personalized book recommendations on the app home screen and the ability to send book suggestions to a friend from any book in your library without leaving the app.

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Will Windows Phone 7 Be A Success?

Microsoft showed off its new Windows Phone 7 devices this week. There are a lot of questions about how Microsoft will perform in the smartphone space, though they’re clearly up to the challenge. Microsoft’s success in this space also has big implications for the company’s performance in the search market, which means search marketers should keep an eye on this.

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A Fake Eric Schmidt And A Fake Mark Zuckerberg

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch created a fake Facebook account for Google CEO Eric Schmidt, showing that Facebook probably needs to do more to verify users. I’m guessing that Schmidt still has access to more personal information on Arrington, however. 

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The First Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Microsoft unveiled 9 new Windows Phone 7 smartphones that will be available for the holidays in various parts of the world. Microsoft has partnerships with AT&T, T-Mobile, Telus, O2, Orange, SFR, Movistar, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, SingTel, and Telstra that will produce smartphone availability in the very near future. 

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eBay Launches Windows Phone 7 App

eBay has introduced a mobile app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices.

eBay’s app for Windows Phone 7 allows users to search, bid, buy and check their buying and selling activity. The app uses Microsoft’s panoramic interface and Windows Phone 7’s push notification technology so users can recive real-time alerts on deals and best offer activity.




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Microsoft Appoints New Division Leaders

Microsoft announced some new leadership promotions today. The company promoted Kurt DelBene to president of the Microsoft Office Division, Andy Lees to president of the Mobile Communications Business, and Don Mattrick to president of the Interactive Entertainment Business.

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Apple Turns Down Apps for Requiring Registration?

According to the Next Web, Apple may be rejecting apps that require user registration first. The publication looks at an email a developer reportedly received from Apple saying:

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Microsoft Looks to Xbox to Help Drive Windows Phone 7 Success

Microsoft announced its first wave of games for Windows Phone 7. These will be available at launch or shortly after, the company said.

Microsoft revealed the first 50 titles, some of which gamers will recognize, and others that are completely new. The company also said the games will be "closely linked" with Xbox Live.

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Chatroulette Calls Upon the Power of Napster

Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb reports that Sean Parker (of Napster and Facebook fame) announced from Techonomy that he’s working with ChatRoulette. This is particularly interesting, as TechCrunch reported in June that Shawn Fanning (also of Napster fame) was advising Chatroulette.

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Court Ruling Raises Fair Use Questions Around DRM

Elecronista reports that a new court ruling could set a legal precedent to allow the bypassing of DRM for fair use purposes. "The decision could impact the media industry as it may allow breaking DRM for music, movies and other formats as long as the material isn’t pirated," says Electronista.

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Bing To Be Sole Default Windows Phone 7 Search Option

Consumers shouldn’t expect to be overwhelmed with search options if they decide to buy Windows Phone 7 devices.  A high-ranking Microsoft employee has revealed that there will be only one default search engine: Bing.

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More Cloud Announcements from Microsoft

Yesterday Microsoft had plenty of news coming out of its Worldwide Partner Conference, and today the news continues.

The company’s new channel chief, Jon Roskill, addressed the Microsoft partner community for the first time, and unveiled business strategies and resources to help partners utilize the cloud (a major theme of Microsoft’s during the event).

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Will Windows Phone 7 Help Bing Market Share?

Microsoft has unveiled its Windows Phone 7 Series, a new mobile platform. The phones will bring Microsoft’s XBox Live service and its Zune music and video experience together on phones. Perhaps more interesting, at least to enthusiasts of the search industry, is that Windows Phone 7 devices will come with "a dedicated hardware button for Bing."

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