WiMax Articles

BellSouth Rolling Out WiMax In R.E.M.’s Backyard

A test of wireless broadband in select areas of Athens, Georgia, will begin in August, and later extend to Florida.

ABI Says WiMax Will Be Here Before You Know IT.

ABI Research announced on Tuesday that WiMax networking options would be here quicker than many anticipated. They said that there are optional specifications built into the 802.16 standard which can boost the sensitivity of receiving equipment to the extent of making WiMAX PC cards and built-in receivers a practical proposition for laptops, PDAs and other portable devices.

Intel, Sprint, Join On WiMAX

The chipmaker and the telecom company want to offer hardware and services for the proposed wireless broadband standard.

Vegas Gets View Of Intels WiMax

Intel chose the Interop 2005 conference in Las Vegas for a live demonstration of its WiMax technology that will offer high-speed wireless Internet access over large areas.

Mobile Offices: Never Go To Work Again

Meet John Q. Deskjockey. He spends the best part of gorgeous Spring days tethered to a desk in a white-walled box with fluorescent lighting and a picture of his favorite mountain lake hemmed in by a decorative frame on the corner of his work station.

WiMax; where wires wont go

Internet on a donkey. Internet in a tent. Lord, almost anywhere. Everybody’s on the wagon, ready to brave the frontier of ethereal messaging and downloading.

Intel looks to make WiMax affordable

While WiMax chip sets are being shipped from an Intel plant in Panang, Malaysia for a price of $45 to those who buy in bulk, the cost of a WiMax modem would still exceed $500.

Web A-Go-Go-Go, Intel launches WiMax chip

On the heels of WiFi is Intel’s latest high speed offering, WiMax, a chip designed to pick up (fanfare please) long-range high-speed wireless Internet.

Broadband in the UK leads the world

Daily Telegraph: [In the UK,] Southern Railway and T-Mobile will unveil details [this] week of the world’s first train wireless broadband service. The T-Mobile HotSpot service will allow up to 8,000 daily commuters on the London to Brighton route to access the internet. It will be launched in the summer.

Airspan Releases WiMAX Portfolio

Airspan Networks unveiled the world’s first self-installable indoor WiMAX products that link Desktop PCs, Laptops, Internet-ready telephone sets and other broadband devices directly to operator networks.

Intel, Clearwire Doing The WiMAX Thing

Intel and Clearwire, Craig McCaw’s wireless broadband services company, announced they will jointly develop and deploy wireless broadband capabilities using WiMAX networks.