Google Shareholder Meeting Recap

Google Shareholder Meeting Recap

By Andy Beal May 9, 2008

If you’re not a fan of Google-related news, you might want to turn away now (we’ll tell you when it’s safe to resume reading).

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WiMax: Sprint, Clearwire Split

The difficulties associated with rolling out wireless service through WiMax may have claimed the nascent Sprint and Clearwire partnership as a victim.

Sprint’s WiMax Fate Being Debated

The $5 billion price tag to bring Xohm, Sprint’s WiMax offering, to fruition may be just a little too rich as the wireless carrier looks at options for the business.

Xohm May Get X’ed Out

Sprint tossed out its CEO, who had backed a plan to build a WiMAX solution in the US. That plan appears to be in jeopardy.

Google Forges Alliance With Airtel

India’s population long ago passed the one billion mark, and Bharti Airtel Broadband & Telephone Services is that country’s largest private broadband and telephone service provider.  Thanks to a new deal, the gigantic corporation is also Google’s partner.

Google Phone Speculation Runs Wild

We have speculated before about the potential for a Google phone and an ad-supported network to back it. Google may have an early version of the device ready to go.

Google, Sprint Enter WiMAX Agreement

WiMAX is going to get a big boost – Sprint and Google just announced that they intend to create a wireless portal using the technology.  There’s no word on when this will launch, but other details were surprisingly numerous.

Sprint To Launch 4G WiMAX Network

Sprint Nextel announced a partnership with Intel, Motorola, and Samsung to develop and deploy the first fourth generation (4G) nationwide broadband mobile network, based on the mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology standard.

WiMax is the Future of Telecommunications
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Today we live in a world where communications have evolved into a landscape a person from 1990 would scarcely recognize.

Nokia Holding WiMax Til 2008

Cell phone phenom Nokia said they’re going to wait and see what happens with the mobile WiMax market before they take the big leap. They are planning their release for 2008 giving time for the market to be established.

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax Wi Do I Care?

Wi Fi Fo Fum, I think I smell the bloodoops wrong tale. This story doesn’t involve giants, but it does involve giant leaps forward in technology that will affect us all.

Intel Helps Out Australia With WiMAX

It was announced that Intel is investing $37 million Australian dollars into expanding Unwired Australia as it prepares to launch a WiMAX network.

WiMAX in the UK

The first 802.16-2004 compliant WiMAX trial in the UK is being conducted by PIPEX Communications and Airspan Networks.

Sprint, Motorola, Testing WiMax Technology

Wireless broadband takes a small step forward as Spring begins to expand on WiMax work it has done with Intel.

Nokia and Intel Look To Standardize WiMAX Technology

Nokia and Intel are aiming to standardize WiMAX technology. The two companies are working together to speed up its development and deployment.

Nokia and Intel Team Up On WIMAX Development

Nokia and Intel announced that they are working together to speed up the development, and deployment of WIMAX technology to bring new capabilities to mobile users over high-speed broadband networks.

WiMAX Alliance: Intel And Nokia

Big names will give the nascent broadband wireless standard a big push toward widespread acceptance.