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Google Shareholder Meeting Recap

If you’re not a fan of Google-related news, you might want to turn away now (we’ll tell you when it’s safe to resume reading).

<Google Overload>

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WiMax And Google, In Your Pocket

The conquest of the desktop network ended once Google passed 50 percent of the search market. To grow, they need to roll into broader lands beyond their empire.

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WiMax Ready To Roll From Sprint

By merging its Xohm high-speed WiMax broadband division with Clearwire, Sprint will breathe new life into fast wireless Internet access.

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Sprint Forges Ahead With Xohm

The WiMax service from Sprint called Xohm picked up an award at CTIA, as the initiative continues to progress in its development.

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Nationwide Sprint WiMax Network Idea Revived

Deep-pocketed cable companies have a newfound interest in helping Sprint and occasional partner Clearwire launch a high-speed wireless network based on the WiMax standard.

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