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Snake Eating Croc: Ultimate Battle

Watching a snake chomp down on a crocodile is not something one sees everyday. Australian resident Tiffany Corlis and other onlookers witnessed a five-hour long struggle between a water python and a three-foot crocodile inside Lake Moondarra. The snake ultimately swallowed the crocodile, but not before a long battle ensued. According to Corlis the whole ordeal was an amazing display …

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Utah Booby Traps Send Two Men to Jail

Utah booby traps kind of sounds like the name of a really unpopular small town indie rock band, though it’s actually something a bit more sinister. The next time you decide to take a leisurely stroll with your family and friends through the Utah wilderness, you might want to keep a sharp eye out for booby traps. That’s right — …

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California Man Attacked by a Lion, Saved By a Bear

In one of those stories that’s too bizarre to be made up, a man from Paradise, California was attacked by a mountain lion, only to be saved by a bear. Robert Biggs, 69, was hiking around Whiskey Flats in California when he came across a mother bear and her two cubs, about forty feet from where he was standing. He …

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