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Defense Distributed Perfects Its 3D Printed AR Lower, Fires 600 Rounds

After successfully 3D printing a high capacity magazine, Defense Distributed got back to work on perfecting its 3D printed AR lower. The first attempt failed after firing six shots, but the group was obviously not going to give up. In a recent blog post, the group said it had “printed AR lowers figured out.” It also shared the following image: …

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Defense Distributed Reveals 3D Printed High Capacity Magazine

Despite what some may say, we’re still far away from a completely 3D printed gun. That being said, the team at Defense Distributed is making more progress towards its goal of making the first fully 3D printed gun. This week’s update includes a newly designed AR magazine. Defense Distributed calls its latest creation the “Cuomo.” It’s a high capacity 30-round …

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Defense Distributed Makes A 3D Printed AR Magazine

Despite some setbacks, the WikiWeapon project continues its feverish pace to become the first fully 3D printed firearm. The team made a breakthrough over the weekend with a 3D printed AR magazine. The Defense Distributed blog was updated over the weekend with a report on how the team had worked on creating an AR magazine out of plastic that wouldn’t …

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