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Management of Wikis in Business

A few days ago, while I was trying to settle back in from my trip to Paris and also right before I had my computer issues knocking me down for a couple of days, I received an e-mail from Penny Edwards asking me if I would be kind enough to contribute into a feedback poll she has been working on, trying to evaluate the management of wikis in different businesses.

Music: Fan Sites Today, Wikis Tomorrow

The painstakingly crafted band website created by a dedicated fan could become the next relic of the Internet Age. That may be a good thing.

WashingtonWatch Becomes A Wiki
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America’s lawmakers are (in)famous for their bickering, but in the event that you’d like to join them – or even raise the level of debate – one site’s recent format change may help you do just that.  In other words, “WashingtonWatch.com Has Gone Wiki!”

Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

Wikis Compared to Wikipedia
Matt Mahoney spends most of his time working with enterprise wiki customers, cultivating adoption and best practices.  In his most recent blog post, he provides a practical look at how enterprise wikis differ from Wikipedia. Wikis evolve in the context of corporate culture and inter-personal communication styles, for good or ill.  The sense of ownership people have over pages is different than the norms that have arisen for Wikipedians.  After discussing work conversations and group memory in wikis, he leaves us with some tips:

Wiki Champion or Wiki Bully?

The biggest challenge that most managers or work team leaders face when they decide to use a wiki is getting their coworkers to use it too. Some organizations have been extremely effective at getting mass participation on their wikis, others have simply failed altogether.

Google Custom SEs Another Trust Source

Recently Bambi Fransisco asked Googler Peter Norvig about using wikis in search, in response to Wikia’s search threat.

Wikipedia and nofollow
The SEO Blogs are all abuzz about Wikipedia applying the "nofollow" tag to all outbound links so Google doesn’t index potential wikispam.

At Jimbo Wales’ directive, all external links within the English language Wikipedia are now coded "nofollow" — this should help cut spamming immensely onc

“Wiki-Like” Peer Review Flounders In Nature

Wikis have been a hot topic this year, and most of the stories about them have been both positive and optimistic. Everybody likes wikis, a lot of individuals (and businesses and organizations) want them. But a recent open peer review experiment at the scientific journal Nature has failed, and some people are now second-guessing the model.

Mayfield Talks Wikis with Scoble

Robert Scoble and I spent an hour talking wikis and other stuff. The result is this video.

Don Dodge Talks About Blogs And Wikis

Whew, yesterday was a busy day. Three interviews. Two speeches. One London Girl Geek dinner. Two videos posted (thanks to Kevin Edwards and Michael Klinger for posting those while I’m gone).

Sales Teams Powered by Wikis

Kris Duggan recently joined Socialtext and shares some best practices for using wikis for managing sales.

Who Makes Wikipedia Work?

Aaron Swartz did some initial research comparing Wikipedia contributors by number of edits and characters, arguing that the core community (who make most of the edits) should matter less than peripheral domain experts (who write more).

Pay Attention to Gartners Hype Cycle

IT industry analysts Gartner published their 2006 hype cycle for emerging technologies this week – their predictions on what they think will be hot technologies in the near future, and what won’t be.

WYSIWYG and Wikis

Notes from a technical session at Wikimania on WYSIWYG.

MindTouch DekiWiki Goes Commercial
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The release of a commercial open source wiki by MindTouch and announced at OSCON also is available in a private label version for ISPs; this could be a step toward the adoption of email alternatives to thwart spam.

Case Study on Enterprise Wiki and Blog Use

Socialtext released an update to the Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) case study on enterprise wiki and blog use.

EBay Adds Blogs and Wikis

eBay has embraced “social commerce” by adding blogs and wikis to its member offerings. EBay sellers can set up a blog at their eBay storefront or contribute to the eBay community wiki.

33 Wikis Resource

If you want to find out how organizations are using wikis, the 33 wikis project from eastwikkers is a terrific place to start.

Enterprise 2.0

Harvard Professor Andrew McAfee:

33 Wikis

Eastwikkers is running a series on 33 Wikis, highlighting best practices in wiki-based collaboration.

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