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Google Changes Algorithm?
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The ball dropped for the 100th time in Times Square, so I suppose that makes it official.  It’s a new year, 2008 to be exact.  So what does this mean for the search engines? Simple, change the way it used to work, right?



2008 Could Be a Bad year for Content Quality

The web levels the playing field, allowing individuals to compete with larger corporations, largely through the smaller players making dirt public and launching viral marketing campaigns around issues. Because there is a publisher publishing every opinion and angle, it is easy to discount just about everything, especially attempts for new market participants to become remarkable.

Blogs Beat The Times In Rankings

Once upon a time, two people made a bet over which of these two would rank higher for the top five news stories in 2007: blogs or the New York Times.

Monarch Pleased With Google Custom Search

This development won’t give Google the right to brag about “service fit for a king”; Google has, however, impressed Monarch Airlines with its Custom Search Business Edition.

UK Searches Show Love Of Christmas Markets

Know what a Christmas market is?  If you’re American, you might well not – Wikipedia lists only six of them for our country, while there are closer to 30 entries for Europe.  Still, that’s all the more reason to show interest in a new Hitwise report on the subject.

Guess What: People Run Wikipedia

It’s been awhile since we had any Wikipedia controversy, so maybe it’s about time for a pile-on — you know, something about how Jimmy Wales doesn’t care about quality, or how he runs the “open source” encyclopedia as his own personal fiefdom, or how people run around using strange technical terms that no one outside the Wikipedia cabal can understand (okay, that last one is totally true).

This time it’s the revelation of a top-secret… wait for it… mailing list only for insiders! According to a breathless piece in The Register:

Wikipedia Will Start Paying Illustrators

The average edit to Wikipedia will still, at best, earn nothing more than a written “good job” from other members of the community.  But, in a huge departure from tradition, certain illustrators may be able to make $40 per picture.

French Google, Yahoo Alike (& Loving Wikipedia)

It is (I think) becoming public knowledge that Google has crushed all of its opponents in France – the company has a search market share of around ninety percent.  A new study is surprising, then, in that it reveals large similarities between the French versions of Google and Yahoo.

Educators Want Wikipedia Access Limited
Once again Wikipedia is getting buzz from educators

Debunking WordPress SEO “Expert” Articles

I am going to attempt to debunk almost every Wordpress SEO "Expert" article ever written, and in some respects this article even debunks some of the things I have written in the past.

Wikipedia’s Problems Explored
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It’s odd, really – if Wikipedia were a person or animal, we’d be hard-pressed to actually like it, given how untrustworthy it can be.  But we do like it, and the site’s popularity gives some people all the more reason to toy with it.

Wikipedia Banned By Dutch Ministry Of Justice

Due to a block put in place by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, 30,000 people can’t use Wikipedia at work.  Yet, while it’s a bit startling to hear the development phrased like that, the move may not be entirely unreasonable.

Does Open License Mean Open Season?

The unattributed verbatim appearance of a Wikipedia article in a book from a major publisher sparked accusations of plagiarism, and raises more serious issues of ethics as well as the perils of publishing under open licenses.

Wikipedia War Over the Social Media Agency

Over the past week I’ve literally been in a “Wikipedia War” over an article that I had submitted about the evolving definition and role of the Social Media Agency.

Live Search Club Turning into PR Disaster

It looks like the Windows Live Search Club, the puzzle game promotion that seemed so successful for Microsoft at first, is quickly turning into a PR disaster for the company.

The Club, which had searchers play puzzle games in order to win prizes, originally gave Microsoft a huge boost in search engine market share, a gain which has slowly dissapeared entirely in the last few months. Even worse, though, is the anger the Club’s fans are now turning towards the company.

Google Nearly Ready With In-Game Advertising

You don’t need to worry about pixies hawking Diet Pepsi or having to watch action heroes put on Axe deodorant.  Google intends to address ads in video games in a different way, and according to new reports, it intends to do so starting this month.

Wikimedia Attracts Over 14,000 Donors
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By all accounts, Radiohead’s name-your-own-price album was downloaded millions of times.  No one’s sure how much people paid, however.  And although the Wikimedia Foundation has apparently received over 14,000 donations, the dollar value of those gifts remains unknown.

Protests Grow Over Wikipedia Deletions

Do you know anything about webcomics?  If not, don’t expect to learn a lot through Wikipedia – many articles on the subject have been deleted, causing an uproar that may affect the site’s fundraising efforts.

College Students Work On Wikipedia

The typical college professor warns students to steer clear of Wikipedia – even the use of that term is likely to result in red ink and a lowered grade.  But one professor actually created a project that revolved around the site.

Penalties of Spamming Wikipedia
Spam Wikipedia, and you will end up in one of the most dreaded places in the World Wide Web. Imagine a place where your site appears in the ‘Spammer Blacklist’ and Yahoo! And Google give you the cold shoulder.

Anonymous Users Contribute Best Wikipedia Posts?

If you come across an anonymous user on Wikipedia, he or she may be a vandal.  But according to new data, there’s also a good chance that the person is one of the site’s most valuable contributors.

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