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Wikipedia Defers To Google
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UPDATE 4/9/08: Seems there was some confusion sparked by this piece, which is, at best, a muddled, meandering, word-labyrinth posing as an unconventional, smart-alecky essay on web journalism/blogging. That’s okay, any reader would find himself in good company lost amid my verbose effluvia. For crying out loud, I used a word like "bildungsroman" and made references not just to Roman mythology but also to an obscure Persian king 3,500 years dead.

Wikimedia Foundation Takes In $500,000 Gift

If you’ve been worried about the survival of everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia, fear not – the Wikimedia Foundation recently received a $500,000 donation.

Post-Wikipedia Hotspots
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The act of visiting Wikipedia isn’t too shocking at this point.  We all do it.  But an interesting new Hitwise report looks at where the average American goes next.

Music Fans Look To Wikipedia For Band Information
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When searching for information about an artist online the first three results users see are the artist’s official Web site, Wikipedia entry and MySpace page.

Sex, Lies, And Wikipedia
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Before we get into this (and this is a guiltily delicious journey you may or may not decide to take), please consider what level of perfection you expect your Web icons—even the ones who refer to themselves as "spiritual leader"—to be on. While you’re doing that, pretend he’s not a Web icon, and decide what is forgivable in a regular (mortal) man.

Save The Internet

The fine folks over at SaveTheInternet.com are at it again.

Thanks to Rep. Ed Markey the Net Neutrality issue is back on the table.

Wikipedia Entry Names Steve Ballmer As Some Guy’s Dad
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How much do you trust Wikipedia?  Because, for whatever it’s worth, Steve Ballmer briefly became "Rob Dunbar’s Dad" on the user-edited encyclopedia.Wikipedia Entry Names Steve Ballmer As Some Guy's Dad

Wikipedia Sparks Controversy Over Muhammad

According to the International Herald Tribune, the depiction of Prophet Muhammad in Wikipedia’s article on the subject has triggered an online petition.

comScore’s US Consumer Activity Analysis
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties for December 2007 from the comScore Media Metrix service.


Google & Wikipedia Banned in School Again

So another college professor has banned Wikipedia (and Google). Oh, woe is me. The world is ending. Oh, the stifling of creative thought at institutions of higher learning these days. Censorship! Censorship!


The Macworld Keynote Is Leaking
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Fake Steve Jobs says that something in the air is the Woz’s SBDs. Ha, ha. Everybody loves a good fart joke. But depending on whether the supposed Macworld keynote leak on Wikipedia was the real deal, a promotional buzzworthy plant, or a fake, the Real Steve Jobs might not find it all that amusing.

UK Professor Takes On University Of Google
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Students taking classes with University of Brighton media studies professor Tara Brabazon will have to give up a couple of things: Google and Wikipedia.

Nofollow and Wikis

There is no such thing as a free link.  No matter what the person who is selling you it tells you.  And the web will always adapt to make it so.  Even if its hard work.

Barry Schwartz posted Get A Free Link From Wired today on an SEO blog, noting that:

Google Changes Algorithm?
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The ball dropped for the 100th time in Times Square, so I suppose that makes it official.  It’s a new year, 2008 to be exact.  So what does this mean for the search engines? Simple, change the way it used to work, right?



2008 Could Be a Bad year for Content Quality

The web levels the playing field, allowing individuals to compete with larger corporations, largely through the smaller players making dirt public and launching viral marketing campaigns around issues. Because there is a publisher publishing every opinion and angle, it is easy to discount just about everything, especially attempts for new market participants to become remarkable.

Blogs Beat The Times In Rankings

Once upon a time, two people made a bet over which of these two would rank higher for the top five news stories in 2007: blogs or the New York Times.

Monarch Pleased With Google Custom Search

This development won’t give Google the right to brag about “service fit for a king”; Google has, however, impressed Monarch Airlines with its Custom Search Business Edition.

UK Searches Show Love Of Christmas Markets

Know what a Christmas market is?  If you’re American, you might well not – Wikipedia lists only six of them for our country, while there are closer to 30 entries for Europe.  Still, that’s all the more reason to show interest in a new Hitwise report on the subject.

Guess What: People Run Wikipedia

It’s been awhile since we had any Wikipedia controversy, so maybe it’s about time for a pile-on — you know, something about how Jimmy Wales doesn’t care about quality, or how he runs the “open source” encyclopedia as his own personal fiefdom, or how people run around using strange technical terms that no one outside the Wikipedia cabal can understand (okay, that last one is totally true).

This time it’s the revelation of a top-secret… wait for it… mailing list only for insiders! According to a breathless piece in The Register:

Wikipedia Will Start Paying Illustrators

The average edit to Wikipedia will still, at best, earn nothing more than a written “good job” from other members of the community.  But, in a huge departure from tradition, certain illustrators may be able to make $40 per picture.

French Google, Yahoo Alike (& Loving Wikipedia)

It is (I think) becoming public knowledge that Google has crushed all of its opponents in France – the company has a search market share of around ninety percent.  A new study is surprising, then, in that it reveals large similarities between the French versions of Google and Yahoo.