Wikimania Articles

Wikimedia Will Move To San Francisco

At this point, Mountain View, California more or less is Google.  Everyone knows Microsoft’s based in Redmond, and Yahoo’s associated with Sunnyvale.  Now, shaking things up, Wikimedia will move from St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco.

Enterprise Wikimania

Sunday morning I was on a great panel about enterprise wikis with Josh Bancroft, Ned Gulley, Michael Idinopulos, Karim Lakhani and Andrew McAfee.

Wikimania II

Great to be in Boston at the second Wikimania, the Wikipedia community conference. Keynoting at the first one in Frankfurt was an honor and joy.

Jimmy Wales Kicks off Wikimania

Jimmy started his opening keynote by showing the Wikiality video. Today he is talking about Our Movement Past, Present and Future. This is the most difficult talk he gives all year, because it is before people who know everything he knows plus more.