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Wikia Search Takes Leave Of Abscence

Jimmy Wales announced a few days ago, the closure of Wikia Search due to the ongoing economic recession. Wikia Search was designed with the primary purpose to allow users determine the rankings of sites and pages for all other users.

Wales summed up the decision like this,

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Wikia CEO Talks Wikianswers Conflict

Wikia has just relaunched an answers site called Wikianswers, which has drawn a bit of controversy over its name. There is another site called Wiki Answers, which was once called FAQFarm and is now owned by

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AOL Acquires Yedda Q&A Service

Late last week, AOL released some rather dismal third-quarter financial figures.  This branch of Time Warner isn’t about to go under, however, and its acquisition of Yedda should prove that point.

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WikiAnswers Now Has Over 1 Million Questions

WikiAnswers doesn’t know how popular it will become.  It’s also unable to tell me how to peel an egg, how to make a J-turn, or why Guinness tastes so good.  But in any event, WikiAnswers has reached and passed the million-question milestone.

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WikiAnswers Sees Jump In Traffic

The Answers Corporation, creator of, announced today that metrics for its WikiAnswers site have improved by 50 percent since the end of June 2007.

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