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A Long Time Ago, In a Wiki Far, Far Away

The Star Wars Saga carries arguably the largest fan base of any one particular work of fiction. Fanboys and uber-geeks have made the Internet their platform to engage in endless debates surrounding topics such as the exact specifications of the X-Wing Starfighter to whether or not the destruction of the first Death Star was an inside job.

Video SEO Wiki Launched
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Due to popular demand, blinkx.com founder and CTO Suranga Chandratillake is launching a video search engine optimization wiki along with VSEO guidelines for advertisers and content producers looking to break away from traditional text-based SEO.

1 Wiki, Best of Both Worlds

Back in November, Andy McAfee shared a great wiki case study from Avenue A | Razorfish.  They adapted MediaWiki to meet their needs.  Leveraging open source, a great approach for a company that builds custom Intranets.

But Jeff Walker of Atlassian Confluence, a commercial wiki vendor, disagrees:

Wiki Champion or Wiki Bully?

The biggest challenge that most managers or work team leaders face when they decide to use a wiki is getting their coworkers to use it too. Some organizations have been extremely effective at getting mass participation on their wikis, others have simply failed altogether.

Eurekster Makes Swickis Wiki-er
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Eurekster released a set of Web 2.0 upgrades to its Swicki (search plus wiki) collaborative search engine to make search results more participatory and personalized.

The new "Community Features" allow swicki users to vote in favor of or against results that appear on the page. Or, if something’s missing that should be there, users can write their own search result and add it to the index.

Wiki Deliberation Passes Bill in Legislature

On Friday, the Utah House of Representatives passed the first Universal School Voucher bill in the nation.

The bill is destined to become law according John Fund in the Wall Street Journal and was also the first real test of wikifying the legislative process.

Wikinomics Playbook

The last chapter of Don Tapscott’s new book, Wikinomics, invites readers to write it: “Join us in peer producing the definitive guide to the twenty-first-century corporation on www.wikinomics.com.”

Second Life Resources Wiki

Linda Zimmer, the driving force behind the Business Communicators of Second Life group, has launched the SL Business Communicators Wiki:

Socialtext Unplugged

Today at Le Web 3 in Paris we launched Socialtext Unplugged, the offline wiki.

ScobleShow Wiki Updated

I love that someone updated the ScobleShow Wiki of all my archives with images.

Socialtext Proposes Attribution Provision

When going through the process of opening Socialtext, we need to choose a license that is a fit for a commercial open source company. Commercial open source strikes the balance between freedom and profit motive, and the license you choose becomes a contract not just for the company, but a community.

ColdFusion WebSphere Portal Toolkit
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Once again Adobe is using the Labs site to release new software in development – this time a ColdFusion toolkit that integrates with WebSphere Portal Server.

Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Yahoo! Open Hack Day Starts Tomorrow. Well, “tomorrow” means “today” by the time most of you read this.

List Of Vista-Incompatible Apps
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There’s a wiki collecting a list of applications incompatible with Windows Vista, as well as those known to work and those known to have some problems.

Wiki Wired

UPDATE: Veni. Vidi. Wiki. The published story, and commentary by Ryan Singel, The Wiki That Edited Me.

Next on the World Wide Wiki Tour: Wikia

I’m here with Tristan Harris, intern at Wikia, and Gil Penchina, CEO at Wikia.

Wiring the Wiki

The Wired Wiki project is really coming along. The main article has over 100 edits from a diverse group, there are lots of headline suggestions and sanding of the deck.

Social Media Optimization

How to make your website social media friendly…

Edit this Wired News

Last time someone tried this it was a disaster, but Wired News has boldly put an article about wikis into a Socialtext wiki for anyone to be a Wired editor:

JotSpot 2.0 Takes Complexity Out of Wiki

A few weeks ago, Ken gave me early access to the upcoming JotSpot 2.0 so that I could kick the tires a bit.

Skinning the Socialtext

While a wiki emphasizes content over form, many Socialtext customers need to customize look and feel.