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Doctors Decide They Need to Be the Ones Editing Medical Wikipedia Articles

Unless you’re some sort of know-it-all who thinks that you can scour the internet and self-diagnose any ailment that might befall you, I bet that you prefer to get your medical advice from people who spent years developing medical knowledge. You know, med students and doctors. But the reality is that no matter how much you’d prefer the knowledge of …

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Wikipedia and Other Wikimedia Sites See 500M+ Uniques a Month

Wikimedia sites, which include Wikipedia, Wikionary, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiquote, and nearly a dozen more, now see over 500 million unique visitors a month. The previous high was set in May of 2012, when Wikimedia Foundation sites saw 492 million uniques. In March, the family of sites saw an astounding 517 million unique vistors. The data comes courtesy of the …

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Doctor Launches Collaborative Asthma Wiki

Imagine that you have asthma, and rather than give you a set of instructions about what to do if you have an attack, your doctor invites you to help write them? Would that make patients feel more engaged and empowered in managing their health care, and would that ultimately make them happier if not healthier? These questions are being raised …

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