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Congressman Doesn’t Understand 3D Printers, Calls For Ban On 3D Printed Guns

The Wiki Weapon Project has already attracted its fair share of controversy. The project was put on hold earlier this year after its 3D printer was seized by the company they leased it from. Now one Congressman is calling for the renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act to counter the perceived threat of 3D printed guns. Over the weekend, Representative …

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DIY Gun Project Put On Hold As Creators Have Their 3D Printer Seized

Do you remember the Wiki Weapon project? It was a collection of individuals united a common banner – Defense Distributed – whose goal was to create the first fully 3D printed gun. They were inspired by the creation of a 3D printed lower receiver combined with metal parts that formed a fully working gun. They started an IndieGoGo project that …

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