Doctors Decide They Need to Be the Ones Editing Medical Wikipedia Articles

Doctors Decide They Need to Be the Ones Editing Medical Wikipedia Articles

By Josh Wolford October 1, 2013 | 4 Comments

Unless you’re some sort of know-it-all who thinks that you can scour the internet and self-diagnose any ailment that might befall you, I bet that you prefer to get your medical advice from people who spent years developing medical knowledge. …

Social Media Buzz Words List: Part I

In December, as part of a tongue-in-cheek print ad, we listed 25 social media buzzwords that make you feel cool if you say them. Surprisingly, that post still gets a fair amount of traffic, and with so many people new to social media, we still get questions about, “What do these all mean?” The most recent request for definitions was just last night.

Google Sites: JotSpot Returns, Joins Apps
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Google wiki acquisition, JotSpot, returned to public view as part of Google Apps, with a new name and 10GB storage for free accounts.

Wired Dubs Search Engine Land A Spammer

Ross Mayfield took umbrage to Barry Schwartz creating a page on Wired’s How To Wiki and pointing the page to Search Engine Land.

Wiki Investment Site Receives $2.5 Million

When it comes to financial matters, I like to play it safe.  Bubble Boy-safe.  So the concept of a wiki for investors makes me a little nervous.  But Wikinvest apparently inspired enough confidence in some onlookers to win $2.5 million in funding.

When Wikis Won’t Work

In the past you would remember how I have been talking about wikis over here to reflect how they are some of the most interesting and refreshing social software tools out there to help boost knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst different teams, communities and whatever other groups.

Wikipedia Stats Support Ron Paul

If Wikipedia’s users get to determine the next president, it seems like we’ll be seeing Ron Paul in the White House; according to an analysis of four different factors, the Republican candidate is popular in just about every way.

Google Wiki May Arrive Today

The start of the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco could be the fashionable choice for Google to unveil the product formerly known as Jotspot in its Google-icious form.

Scanner Busts Dutchies Passing On The Wiki Side

I’m not up on Dutch royalty. I’m not up on any royalty cuz I’m an Uh-mer-kin and we don’t dig on that jazz, right? Well, some still do, or else the Today Show wouldn’t have anything to talk about on slow news days. Anyway, this about Wikipedia more than Dutch royalty, so let’s roll with it.

Firefox Needs To Go To School

Retention rates for usage of the Firefox browser have caused concern for the Mozilla Foundation. They’re brainstorming ways of improving that rate. We’ve got a suggestion for them.

Wiki Company Wants New CEO
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Some CEOs are forced out.  Some CEOs quit.  But I’ve never seen a CEO do quite what Ross Mayfield, the CEO and co-founder of Socialtext, is doing; Mayfield is advertising for his successor.  Chalk the odd move up to Socialtext’s position as “the leading enterprise wiki.”

“Bad” Internet Words Include Blog, Wiki

A new study has found that the words “blog” and “wiki” tend to make people upset, as do “cookie” and “netiquette.”  To be honest, I’m not sure what we – the owners of blogs, the users of wikis – are supposed to do with this information.  But there you have it.

Music: Fan Sites Today, Wikis Tomorrow

The painstakingly crafted band website created by a dedicated fan could become the next relic of the Internet Age. That may be a good thing.

WashingtonWatch Becomes A Wiki
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America’s lawmakers are (in)famous for their bickering, but in the event that you’d like to join them – or even raise the level of debate – one site’s recent format change may help you do just that.  In other words, “WashingtonWatch.com Has Gone Wiki!”

SES: Promote Your Site With Wikipedia
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If you check out the Google search results for most terms, you’ll find Wikipedia at or near the top of the list.

Will Domain Names Become Less Relevant?
Currently domain names carry significant weight in Google’s relevancy algorithms if they match the search query, but that is a signal destined to lose value.

Funding and Starting a Web 2.0 Company

There are three basic brands of funding for your new shiny web 2.0 company. Bootstrap, Angel and Venture Capitol. Which one you use really relies on your personality (how well you tolerate risk) and how deep your pockets are.