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Ugg, Wii Obsess Holiday Searchers
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The scarce Nintendo Wii ranked as the most searched-for item during the holidays, while Ugg boots drew the most luxury item queries.

Wii Sales Strong, Supplies Short

Nintendo holiday sales of the Wii game console are off to a "fantastic start" according to a top executive with the company.

The Most Popular Brands on Digg

What brands are the most popular with the Digg audience? I did a little research to gather some data so I can figure out what brands are mentioned most on Digg. What I did is I looked at the number of times a story with the brand name in the title, description, or URL has appeared on the Digg homepage in the last year.

Over One Third of U.S. Adults Own a Game Console

Nielsen//NetRatings says that more than one third of US adults online, 36.5 percent own a game console, and another 15.9 percent own a portable game console. Game consoles have become popular with all ages and are considered to be a major part of America’s home entertainment systems.

When it comes to who owns consoles, 71 percent are married and 66 percent have at least one child in the household. Because of video game ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, home video games can be entertainment for the whole family.

Opera Community Site Reaches Everywhere

From the desktop to the mobile, even to the Nintendo Wii, Opera Software’s free networking site offers its users several points of access.

Valentines Day, Grammys Top Weekly Zeitgeist

Searchers looking for last minute gifts for the special someone, researching the origins of Valentine’s Day, and music enthusiasts soaking in the coverage from this year’s Grammy awards comprised the majority of Google queries last week.

Nintendo Launches Wii News Channel

Besides television, radio, Internet and newspapers where do you get your news? Would you consider using a game console to receive your news? That’s what Nintendo and the Associated Press are hoping.

Wii Tops iPod For Most Wanted Christmas Gadget
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A glut of web searches for the Nintendo Wii has made it the most desirable gadget for Christmas, surpassing the perennial iPod for the top spot. To emphasize this point, the Wii was launched in the UK last week and it sold all 50000 of the available consoles in 12 hours, making the sale rate for the Wii at 1 console sold per second.

Yahoo! Rolls Out Wii Portal

The site consists of a combination of Flickr photos, del.icio.us links, Yahoo MyWeb, Yahoo Games, and other Wii-related offerings. This is the first of many more Yahoo sites to come that will focus on niche content that revolves around a particular product or brand.

Nintendo Patent Could Be Awkward For Microsoft

Nintendo has been granted a patent for a videogame instant messaging system. Originally filed in 2000, this patent could lead to lawsuits against other game console manufacturers.

Wii To Launch In November?

The rumor mill began buzzing away yesterday evening when an "inside source" at Nintendo was apparently badgered into giving up a tentative release date for the hotly anticipated Wii game console. As rumors go, several people think it might very definitely be November 6th. From Cubed:

Nintendo Doesn’t Want Wii.com

A forestry company is enjoying some inadvertent traffic to its website, courtesy of Nintendo. Only Nintendo can say if it was aware that Wii.com was already owned before the console was launched.

Wii’ve Got A Price and Wiimote VoIP
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We have news and a rumor regarding Nintendo’s latest incarnation, Wii. It will come reasonably priced for the gamer market, according to the company’s US financial report. And it just may be that the Wiimote will be VoIP enabled.

Nintendo & Microsoft Gang Up On Sony
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There’s a lot of grandstanding going on in the game console industry. Nintendo brags about its history of innovation; Microsoft is smug about its lead over the competition; and Sony says its rep alone will carry PS3. But Sony may be surprised to learn its chief rivals are holding hands and shouting things like “thief!” and “loser!”

Microsoft Looks To An Xbox Wii60

Xbox Vice President Peter Moore admitted to the Washington Post on Thursday what has been obvious all week:

“Wii” May Be A Great Console, And A Nuisance

“Wheeee! I got a Wii!” Within the next six months or so, small children throughout America will be rejoicing in this fashion. And with endless snickering and repetition, at that. The Wii is Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console, and up until the E3 expo, details about it were few and far between.