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Nintendo Offers Free Trial Of Wii Sports Club

Last year, Nintendo tried its hand at free trials with a month long Wii Fit U trial that gave players the opportunity to download the title and try it for free. Now it’s starting a similar promotion for its other fitness focused title. Nintendo announced this morning that Wii Sports Club will be free to download starting March 21 at …

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Wii Sports Club Headlines This Week’s Nintendo Download

Back in September, Nintendo announced that it was bringing an HD version of its Wii Sports title to the Wii U as a digital download. If you’ve been hankering to get back into the world of Wii Sports since then, you can finally do so today. Nintendo announced today that Wii Sports Club is now available on the Nintendo eShop …

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Nintendo To Release Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club In November

Nintendo generally announces any future Nintendo Directs a few days before they air, but it sometimes surprises with an unannounced Nintendo Direct. That happened to be the case this morning as Nintendo shared a Nintendo Direct that focused entirely on Wii Fit U and a new Wii Sports title for Wii U. As you may recall, Wii Fit U was …

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