WiFi Articles

Jupitermedia’s Wi-Fi Planet Conference Award Winners

Jupitermedia announced the winners of its Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo Best of Show Awards, which concludes today at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Wi-Fi or No-Fi

Some say you would have to have your head in the sand not to have heard the latest buzzword in the tech industry: Wi-Fi. Coined in recent years, Wi-Fi is the user-friendly name for a group of technologies based on the IEEE 802.11 specification. In simpler terms, if you have a “wireless” network in your home or office, most likely, you have Wi-Fi. Taking it a step further, you have a Wi-Fi “hotspot”.

Wi-Fi Essentials

Is it me, or does it seem there’s a new techno buzzword being thrown around every other day? Keeping up with XML this, PDA that and implementing a WLAN to work with both is almost a fulltime job – in terminology alone. Unfortunately, the new and exciting world of “wireless” is no exception. Let’s see if we can shed just a bit of light on the buzz, the facts and what it all means to you.

Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity for Enterprise Clients

The industry’s first self serve, yet traceable and instantly available guest access environment comes from Sesame Networks.

Combination GPRS and Wi-Fi Card

T-Mobile USA unveiled the Sony Ericsson GC79 PC card, a combination GPRS and Wi-Fi card that lets laptop computer customers access the Internet and corporate networks using multiple wireless data solutions.

Cisco Wi-Fi Technology Solution Deployed at Minute Maid Park

Cisco Systems today announced that its Cisco Wi-Fi technology solution has been successfully deployed in conjunction with Wide Area Management Services (WAMS) at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros Major League Baseball team.

10G Integrates Airborne Wireless LAN Node Module into Wi-Fi Communications Adapter

10G, LLC and DPAC Technologies announced today that 10G is integrating the Airborne Wireless LAN Node Module into its Wi-Fi Communications Adapter.

Wi-Fi Based Telephones Emerge

Schools are finding a better answer for voice communications: Wi-Fi based telephones.

McDonalds Grabs Wi-Fi by the Nuggets

Would you like fries with your Wi-Fi? If McDonald’s has anything to do with it wireless Internet could be coming soon to a burger joint near you.

Verizon’s Bold Wi-Fi Push

Verizon this morning activated 150 Wi-Fi hotspots in New York, part of a plan to bring wireless Internet access to its subscribers throughout the Big Apple and differentiate itself from cable broadband rivals.

Verizon Details Wi-Fi Plans, Beginning With Big Apple Hotspots Launch

Verizon Communications unveiled plans today to launch Wi-Fi services in New York City for its Internet access customers, as part of a broader business plan for deploying public wireless hot spots.

Wi-Fi Alliance Certifies WPA Products

New products boast increased security via Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

InfoVista Aims to Improve Wi-Fi Management

InfoVista S.A. next week at Networld + Interop will bring more comprehensive performance management to Wi-Fi environments when it launches its new Wireless Fidelity Service Level Management suite.

Cisco Wi-Fi phone due in June

Cisco Systems intends to introduce a portable Wi-Fi phone in the next few months, adding its stamp of approval to the emerging business technology.

The Cell-Phone Folks Face a Wi-Fi World

The new technology is bound to become another leg of wireless providers’ strategy. Getting to that point is the hard part. At the annual Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Assn. meeting in New Orleans Mar. 17-19, the buzz was, as you would expect, all about wireless communications.

Wi-Fi is Hot at CTIA, Hope Remains for 3G

Hype and whiz-bang technology ideas haven’t been much in evidence at the CTIA Wireless 2003 show in New Orleans this week. Instead the show has been dominated by real products, real engagements and partnerships designed to integrate existing technologies to make a more seamless whole.

Hom RF a Better Wireless Solution?

Wireless networks are growing at an exponential rate. It’s no wonder they’re so popular – there are no wires to trip over, there’s no need to drill holes in walls, and the hardware is cheap enough for home users to afford easily.