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Nintendo, McDonalds In Wi-Fi Hotspot Deal

Nintendo will beat Google in deploying nationwide free Wi-Fi, but those Wayport-powered hotspots will only offer connections for Nintendo DS systems.

Googlitarianism Born In San Fran WiFi

Who knew you could fill in that “great digital divide” and make money at the same time? Well, red light webmasters aside (that’s a different divide altogether), Google’s philosophical explanation provided to San Francisco’s Request For Information expresses the desire to lessen the class struggles of humanity through free wireless access for all.

How Do You Become a WiFi Hotspot?

WiFi is a very hot commodity worldwide…for both users & those wanting to cash in on the business potential. Below you’ll find some things to consider if you’re one of those interested in the business potential of WiFi. If you have more to add….please do.

The Local Online Threat (Google + Wi-Fi…)

The presence of localized free hotspots threatens, among other companies, newspapers, who would have to contend with online rivals who would have the ability to serve localized ads targeted even by neighbourhood.

Nintendo Announces Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo DS gamers in the US will be able to connect to the forthcoming Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, a free service from the game company.

Battelle’s Book Makes Me Look At the Search

I just finished reading John Battelle’s The Search. First, a disclosure. He sent me the book and even signed it.

Google Paying Frisco To Setup Wi-Fi

Not only has Google made the city of San Francisco an offer to provide city-wide wireless Internet access, the city may even make money on the deal.

Skype Updates Windows Client For Wi-Fi

eBay’s latest acquisition announced they have added new mobility and personalization options to their phone call client for Windows.

Kodaks Playing With Wi-Fi Cameras

Kodak announced on Thursday their newest camera, the Easyshare-One zoom digital will be out for sale in October. The camera, available for the holidays, has a unique distinction: the world first Wi-Fi camera.

Intel and Cisco Plan To Better Wi-Fi and VoIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, it was announced that Intel and Cisco have entered a new partnership dealing with the improvement of Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

Intel and Cisco Aim to Improve Wi-Fi and VOIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company announced that it has entered a new partnership with Cisco, in which the companies will work to improve Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

Intel Considers the Future of Wi-Fi

Last week, Intel announced that it has developed chip technology designed to support current Wi-Fi standards as well as projected ones.

Intel Develops Chip Technology to Take Wi-Fi Support To the Next Level

Yesterday Intel announced that it has developed chip technology made for supporting current and future Wi-Fi standards.

McAfee Acquires Wi-Fi Security Firm

The purchase of privately-held Wireless Security Corp. will give McAfee a Wi-Fi security component for its products.

Borgs At Google?

I’ve been meaning to post about the possibility of borgs at Google but just now got around to it. What the heck is a borg you ask?

Wi-Fi Records Highest Volume Ever

First quarter figures for worldwide wireless LAN equipment see 12.2 million units shipped.

Verizon: Theres No Such Thing As Free WiFi

Citing billions of dollars in costs to upgrade its cellular Internet networks, Verizon announced that it would phase out free WiFi connection for New York City DSL subscribers.

High Speed Travel

I’m on the Thalys high-speed train back to Amsterdam following an extremely worthwhile three days in Paris. I was at Les Blogs, about which I blogged a bit yesterday and about which I’ll start writing a more complete personal view while I’m on the train which I’ll post tomorrow.

Nintendo’s Revolution to Feature Wi-Fi protocols

Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo talked the other day about the company’s plans which include its next gaming console with Wi-Fi features.

CeBIT Offers International Wi-Fi Roaming

A new wireless network roaming service will be available to visitors attending the annual CeBIT technology trade show in Hanover, Germany, from 10-16 March.

Hidden Dangers with Public Wi-Fi

It’s becoming a common thing to see people sitting in public places – train stations, airports, the local Starbucks …