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Google Related Links With Ads

This didn’t take too long: As Google Blogoscoped shows, one blogger has already figured out how to combine Google Related Links with advertising, simply by putting the Links box on top of an AdSense ad.

WiFi 101 introduction For Smartphone users

Are you like me and interested in learning more about Wi-Fi? Naturally, the technology has been way cool for the PC user, enabling him to connect from anyplace that accesses a Wi-Fi network.

Google Patents Bring WiFi Down To Earth
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One day, my pie in the sky will be crumbs on a plate. Full-bellied, my GoogleNet wireless connection will intuitively retrieve an ad for Alka-Seltzer; the bubbly concoction plop-plop fizz-fizzes with tiny executive voices admitting in fizzy whispers, “yes, Jason, Google’s full of it.”

Big Easy Broadband Battles BellSouth

Hurricane Katrina prompted New Orleans’ chief information officer to open the municipal 512kbps mesh network to anyone who wanted to access it, but now faces the prospect of a shutdown and legal fight prompted by BellSouth.

Google Wants Patent for Wi-Fi Hotspot Ads

ClickZ has uncovered details of a new patent filing by Google that describes targeted web ads for users of Wi-Fi hotspots.

A Wireless Home Security Solution

Most people forget about backing up, securing their networks, yadayada… for my home network I’m using the McAfee suite… overall it’s quite suitable although there are a few quirky things that happen occasionally (i.e.. anti virus protection disabling itself…)

Telecoms Better Keep An Eye On The Big Easy

New Orleans has inadvertently become a test case for the efficacy of WiFi and VoIP. Still trying to rebuild itself in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans businesses are left with little else than the wireless mesh network for communication. Landlines and cellular networks were destroyed by the hurricane.

Microsoft Raises The Bar(n) For Hugh

Last Friday, I wrote about a different model of customer support.

Google, EarthLink Pair On Two-Tiered WiFi

The two companies submitted competing bids during San Francisco’s call for wireless broadband proposals, but have now teamed on a single proposal that will offer two tiers of service.

Ridiculous Wifi Charges

Sitting in departure lounge 3 at Schiphol airport, waiting for my flight to Manchester.

Google Shares Cash With WiFi Sharing Firm

FON wants users to sign up to share their wireless broadband access with others, an idea that has netted the company some $21.7 million from Google, Skype, Sequoia Capital, and Index Ventures.

Skype and Google Invest in National WiFi Network

SiliconBeat reports that Google and Skype are among investors of FON a start-up that hopes to make WiFi more readily available across the country.

Mobile Search: Coming to a Screen near You

The New Year has ushered in a number of high-profile partnerships in the mobile search space, confirming our prediction last summer that as go the major search engines, so goes mobile search.

Google A Finalist For S.F. WiFi

The City of San Francisco has winnowed its list of potential wireless broadband providers to five, and Google is one of the quintet that made the cut.

WiFi: A conference requirement

Last week, one comment kept recurring at Lawrence Ragan Communications’ annual Web Content Management conference in Chicago: “Why don’t they have WiFi?”

BellSouth Punishes New Orleans Over Free WiFi

When officials for the hurricane ravaged city announced a plan to deploy wireless Internet across New Orleans, BellSouth rescinded a donation offer to the city in response.

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax Wi Do I Care?

Wi Fi Fo Fum, I think I smell the bloodoops wrong tale. This story doesn’t involve giants, but it does involve giant leaps forward in technology that will affect us all.

Google Details Mountain View WiFi Plans

The proposal from Google to the leadership of its home city of Mountain View would place 300 transmitters on lightpoles to make the city one big wireless hotspot.

Google Makes WiFi Proposal To Mountain View

A proposal similar to its September response to San Francisco’s request for information would have Google transform its home city into a free wireless hotspot.

25 Wi-Fi Proposals, And Googles Too

San Francisco could become the outdoor version of Google Labs if it accepts the search engine company’s offer to bring free wireless Internet to the city.

Google’s S.F. Wi-Fi Under Consideration

If San Francisco accepts Google’s wireless proposal, the testing it does on location services might be a model for local search or even the much-rumored GoogleNet.