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Indian Wi-Fi Mesh Spun Using Google

The citizens of Mumbai, India may soon be blessed with a wireless mesh network that should blanket the city.  And although Lifestyle Networks and its managing director, Abhishek Javeri, are behind this development, Mumbai’s citizens will also owe a thank-you to Google.

Google Phone Might Use Wi-Fi?

Google has grown by doing things differently than the status quo, and if they do introduce a phone they may buck current practice there, too.

WiFi Users Online More

Those busy folks over at the Pew Internet and American Life Project have released a study showing that people with WiFi access tend to spend more time online than those tethered to a hard-wired connection.

Thirty-four percent of Interet users have gone online using WiFi, with most of them using hotspots away from home or work. Details here.

From a communications standpoint, the first implication that leaps to mind is the potential for internal communications.

Wireless Internet Usage Continues To Increase

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently conducted a study gauging the increasing prevalence of wireless connectivity among Internet users as a whole.

According to the findings of the report, nearly 34% of Internet users have logged onto the Internet using a wireless connection either around the house, at their workplace, or some place else.

This means that one-third of Internet users, making use of laptops or other mobile devices have surfed the Internet or checked email by means of a WiFi connection or a cell phone network.

ACLU Criticizes San Francisco Wi-Fi Deal

The American Civil Liberties Union has made a name for itself by lobbying for the rights of women, minorities, and other civil groups that have been unfairly or illegally targeted by discriminatory or oppressive actions.

It looks like the ACLU is branching out into new territory. The organization is broadening its horizons from the political arena, stepping into the digital realm with its latest commentary on the citywide Wi-Fi network in the words for San Francisco.

Microsoft, MetroFi Team Up to Offer Free WiFi

Resident of Portland, Oregon with a WiFi enabled PC or laptop will be able to access the broadband network that will deliver speeds up to 1 Mbps for downloads and up to 256 Kbps for uploads.

Certified Wireless USB – Mainstream by Year’s End

Despite a brash of delays that have plagued the progress of wireless USB, the 480 megabits per second technology should find its way into the mainstream by the end of the year.

Google WiFi Plans Meet Politics

It sounds like Google’s Chris Sacca didn’t have a lot of fun at a public discussion of Google and Earthlink plans for wireless broadband in San Francisco.

Multimap Offering up a Sweet Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

This comes from Multimap… a great way to find out if you’ll have Wi-Fi while on the road. You will be Guided to Your Nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots!

Yahoo! Open Hack Day

Yahoo! Open Hack Day Starts Tomorrow. Well, “tomorrow” means “today” by the time most of you read this.

Google Launches Free WiFi in Mountain View

For all homeowners and renters in Mountain View comes good news from uncle Google.

Live From Mountain View, It’s Google WiFi!

The search advertising company lit up its freely available WiFi network for its home city of Mountain View, CA, for citizens to try.

Boeing Gives Up on Plane Wifi

Looks like Boeing is giving up on Wifi in planes because they’ve lost a billion and don’t see that their investment will come back. Funny, didn’t JetBlue just pay big dollars to add that to all their planes?

25 Things I Learned on Google Trends

To give you a sense of its tremendous power for tapping into the world psyche, here are 25 things I learned on Google Trends. Someone should start a blog on this kind of stuff.

Travelblogging India Contest

If you live in India and you’re a blogger, there’s a contest running where you can win an opportunity to travel India and blog your experiences.

More on Eye-Fi

First, I got a ton of questions about Eye-Fi. First, Eye-Fi’s URL is http://www.eye.fi/.

No Free WiFi For Next Google City

While San Francisco will see Google and EarthLink roll out a couple of tiers of wireless broadband service, including one for free, the next city probably won’t see a free option.

Why Worry About Google Wi-Fi?

Everytime Google offers a free service, there’s one guarantee: People will get paranoid.

Google, EarthLink Win S.F. WiFi Deal

The City of San Francisco finished its review of proposals to create a city-wide wireless broadband network, and chose the EarthLink/Google submission out of the six finalist proposals they considered.

Google/Earthlink Wins San Francisco Wifi Contract

San Francisco’s city panel has chosen a Google/Earthlink partnership to build a free municipal wifi network for the city.

That’s GooFi! Google / Earthlink Get Nod For SF WiFi.

The Chron and the Associated Press are reporting that San Francisco has chosen a joint bid by Google and Earthlink to blanket the city with wifi.