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Yahoo Unveils Mobile Developer Platform

OK, forget what we said about 2007 being the year for mobile content. 2008 is where the mobile action is at!

Hot on the heels of Google’s Android initiative, Yahoo is announcing its own developer platform. The Yahoo! Mobile Developer Platform will provide tools for developers to code and launch mobile widgets for a wide range of cell phones. Here are the details from Yahoo:

Yahoo Resets Mobile Platform At CES

Several changes to Yahoo’s mobile strategy will start with an open developer platform and updated offerings to those who access Yahoo from a wireless phone.

SIS – Widget Talk

Ever hear of widgets? It’s the buzzword of the year for the Web, but few still appreciate how to best use them. How can you use widgets to increase the inbound links to your site? Are there widget directories you can optimize for? What social media strategies are most effective?

Moderator: Bill Flitter, VP, Marketing, Founder, Pheedo

Wishlist Widget Allows Digital Gifting
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Getting a virtual slice of pizza might be fun and all, but five-month-old startup gBox is betting that people would rather receive something more tangible this holiday season. It’s also betting social networkers will appreciate its new Wishlist widget more than Facebook’s Beacon program.

Widget Growth Driven By Social Networks

Users of widgets are more likely to receive them from friends than from companies that created them, according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Widgets: Delivering Applications Users Want." User between the ages of 18-24 are six times more likely to receive widgets from friends than from a company.

Google Joins the Widget World

Just when you think the web world is going to settle down, get out its pipe and slippers and kick back, someone rips up the blueprint and we have to start all over again.

Clearspring Launchpad Sends Widgets To All
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If you have content on a website, all it takes to make that content an embeddable widget is a little bit of code, which Clearspring happens to have available for free.

Social Media: You Built it; Now What?
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Web developers and designers for huge companies and niche sites alike are all jumping on the social media bandwagon, realizing that social networking, user-generated content, video-sharing and Widgets are more than just ways to kill time in the office; they can be incredibly effective in growing and increasing audience engagement.

Are Widgets the Future of E-tail?

All of a sudden, widgets are getting very hot. I discussed Lemonade Stand last week, which is essentially a widget that attempts to combine affiliate marketing with Web 2.0.

SEObook Makes Free Tools Available

Of all the SEO principles out there, two remain at the forefront as the most essential: keywords and links. Understanding the language of the searcher (the words they will use to find you) while maximizing the external link love (how search robots know whether you are trustworthy) are top priorities for anyone trying to optimize their website.

NY Times ‘My Times’ Is Your Times

The ‘My Times’ personalized start page has opened to the website’s readership as developers work on rooting out the remaining bugs in the service.

Facebook Widgets Cause Dramatic Traffic Increase
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In what there calling "The Facebook Effect," metrics firm Quantcast says widgets developed on the Facebook platform are driving substantial traffic spikes for the websites they’re connected to.

Quantcast Plays The Metrics Game
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The challenge of measuring the reach of a website for advertising purposes has become increasingly complicated, thanks to the myriad ways of distributing content.

Widgets A Hit With Kids

Widgets are all the rage lately, as evidenced by the avalanche at Facebook once the social networking site opened up to developers. Advertisers, too, are figuring out that if you want to get to the younger crowds, widgets are the way to go.

EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

The Growth of Web Widgets

The WSJ has a report (sub) on comScore’s latest study on the growth of web widgets.

Jarboe at SES Toronto

Speaking of Search Engine Strategies Toronto, did you know that Incisive Media now hosts half-day and full-day training sessions – intensive workshops on special topics to bring you fully up to speed – the day prior to the SES conferences?

Zuckerberg Announces Open Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, sent the blogosphere into a digileptic (digital + epileptic) episode yesterday evening, announcing that Facebook was now officially open for you to tamper with.

Google Widgets Fly The Coop
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The Google Co-op offers a handful of nifty little tools that can provide you with all sorts of useful information (from the time, to the traffic, to the weather, and so on).  But a recent upgrade allows users to “have live data included in your Google searches.”

Facebook To Open Up To Third Party Widgets

Social networking site Facebook is about to make things interesting. The company is expected to announce this week that it will open up its site to developers and Web services companies who want to connect on a more intimate basis with Facebook users.

WordPress Blogging Pipeline & Projections

One of the WordPress development team, Ryan Born, noted in his post WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 will not include a tagging feature, the next version could include a comprehensive taxonomy framework which could open up the field for interesting plugins.

The year has been an interesting one for WordPress bloggers with the release of about 5 major and incremental upgrades since the start of the year.