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Yahoo Rolls Out Widgets 4

Yahoo has announced extensive updates to its cross-OS widget platform, changes which are aimed at improving performance, increasing functionality, and providing new features and services to users.

Of all the new releases in Widgets 4, the Flickr Widget is probably the one that shows the most promise. It allows users to display, upload and tag Flickr photos, as well as giving users the option of dragging and dropping large groups of photos into the widget and edit the tags and other information without needing to open a browser.

FeedBurner Headline Animator Overhaul Continues

A week and a half ago FeedBurner added the ability for users to see the amount page views their headline animator widget received.

Yesterday they continued the overhaul by making it easier for users on Myspace, TypePad, Blogger, Wordpress and various email programs to incorporate the headline animator into their desired framework.

MySpace Beginning to Block Widgets?

One of the primary reasons that MySpace has achieved such success in the realm of social networking is the ability for users to customize their profiles with layouts, music, videos, and assorted other widgets.

As the number of MySpace users continues to grow, however, the company is becoming less inclined to allow third parties to use their social networking site as a marketing platform for their services. Last weekend, MySpace began blocking widgets from Vidlife, Stickam, Revver, and Imeem.

Turn Your Blog into a Widget

I love it when developers come out with cool, fun stuff and what is more fun than a “widget.” I mean, even the name connotes fun.

No one can deny that the web is being widgetized. That is particularly true of blogs. Typepad has dozens of them, as does WordPress. I just found a site called Widgetbox that allows you to turn your blog into a widget using an easy 1-2-3 step wizard. The beauty of this idea is that it allows your content to be syndicated on other blogs.

Who is Using MySpace?

While I still have a MySpace account I never log in anymore. There was too much spam to deal with. And my girlfriend got so many creepy messages that she had to delete her account.

Generally, to use MySpace much, you have to do one or more of the following:

Yahoo Answers Unicef And Widgets Vista

They have long supported charitable works by their employees and users, with the latest effort combining star power and Yahoo Answers to bolster the Up Close 2007 campaign to benefit Unicef.

Lawrence Coburn On Marketing With Widgets

I first met Lawrence Coburn when we presented together on a Public Relations panel during a WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference in Boston. Lawrence told a great story about being at the right place at the right time and taking proper advantage to build publicity for his web site, RateItAll.com.

Your Technorati Link Count

Darren Rowse reports Technorati has launched a Link Count Widget which allows bloggers to display the number of inbound links for any given blog post.

How To Sneak-Peak On Traffic

Do you ever wonder what’s the traffic of ProBlogger, GeekZone or The Bastardly ?

Widgetbox Breaks Out of Beta

Widgetbox, an online directory for syndicated web “widgets,” or small interactive services that can be embedded onto a webpage or blog, formally announced its launch on Monday, after completing a private and public beta.

Google Adds Recommendation Widget

Google has added a new homepage widget that shows you “Interesting Items” personalized for you based on your search history. The module displays recommended searches, web pages and homepage gadgets Google thinks you’d be interested in.

Widgetbox – Widget Management

As Richard MacManus opined, Widgets are the New Black. Widgets are particularly popular within social networks and on blog sidebars, extending the reach or news, websites, and product of services.

Flash Worm Leads to No MySpace Widget Love

TechCrunch is reporting that third-party MySpace widgets such as those by the ever popular YouTube are no longer allowed to have link throughs.

Skype-Per-Minute Widget Launches

Your time is valuable. Is it by-the-minute valuable? If you think so, Jyve and Click&Buy have developed a Skype-based plug-in called JyvePro to help you monetize your oh so powerful noggin.

eBay Goes Widget Crazy

eBay made another flurry of announcements this week, this time about four APIs announced during the eBay Developers Conference. The APIs follow the current mashup meme, allowing webmasters and developers to incorporate eBay listings and collect referral fees.

BBC Opens an API

The BBC has launched an experimental API for software developers. An API is basically a data stream.

Skype Releases New Beta And Skypecasts

Version 2.5 Beta of the Skype VoIP software arrived with new features, and Skype also launched a preview version of Skypecasts that allows up to 100 people to connect in a voice chat.

Google Personalized Homepage Drops Sidebar

Google recently changed the way content gets added to its personalized homepage, making the “Add content” link bring you to the widget/module directory.

jux2 Desktop Search Widget

It looks like the meta search engine jux2 has added a desktop search widget so you can do a combined search on Google, Yahoo and MSN without going to your browser.

Google Shows Mac Users The Widget Love

Three Dashboard Widgets from the talented engineers at Google offer Mac users some extra Google functionality in OS X.

Yahoo! Hammered Over Konfabulator Successor

In my post on Monday about software hits and misses, I gave the new Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.0 a definite ‘miss’ verdict for the moment as this version for Windows really doesn’t appear to be worthy of unleasing on an unsuspecting public as this growing comment thread in the support forum clearly indicates.