Spotify Launches Play Button Widget

Spotify Launches Play Button Widget

By Mike Tuttle April 11, 2012

Big news today for your favorite music streaming platform. No, not Pandora. Let’s start this again. Big news today for Spotify. The music streaming service is announcing that they are partnering with several high-profile sites to launch their new Spotify …

Widget Growth Driven By Social Networks

Users of widgets are more likely to receive them from friends than from companies that created them, according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Widgets: Delivering Applications Users Want." User between the ages of 18-24 are six times more likely to receive widgets from friends than from a company.

Google Joins the Widget World

Just when you think the web world is going to settle down, get out its pipe and slippers and kick back, someone rips up the blueprint and we have to start all over again.

Clearspring Launchpad Sends Widgets To All

If you have content on a website, all it takes to make that content an embeddable widget is a little bit of code, which Clearspring happens to have available for free.

TurnHere Signs New Distribution Partners

Online video solutions platform TurnHere, has announced more than a dozen new distribution partners for its online video channel BookVideos.tv.

Hitwise Launches New Widget

Online intelligent service Hitwise has launched a new Hitwise Widget that will highlight online usage trends from Hitwise To Go.

Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis Google Gadget
I put my favorite keyword research tools and competitive research tools in a Google Gadget. Thanks to Jay at Widget Waker for making the original version with a sweet design, which I hacked up a bit to add a few more tools at the last minute.

If you use the iGoogle homepage you can add the tool to your homepage by selecting add by URL and then submitting this URL:

Blogger Adds Search Box Widget

Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, just added a new widget bloggers can install that lets them search within their blogs.

7 Rules for Widget Success
Live from WidgetCon

Speaker: Shervin Pishevar, President, Freewebs

The age of engagement has begun. Umm, hasn’t it begun a few years ago?

7 Rules for Widget Success (we must take notes – he has a number in it – you MUST write down every point with a number, which is why I always structure my presentations that way)

AOL Launches New Mail And Widget
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AOL has released an e-mail service with AIM integration that enables users to simultaneously e-mail and IM from the same application.

AdWords Forces Common Denominator Keywords
Google AdWords Advertisers are a worried lot thanks to the way AdWords has an all-powerful way of handling keywords, a thread at Webmaster World reports.

comScore Launches Widget Metrix

comScore has announced the launch of comScore Widget Metrix, a new service that will track the use of widgets on the Web.

Web Marketing the Old Fashioned Way

Lee Odden posted What’s Old Is New: Web Site Marketing Tips, and it’s a good read for Web marketers tired of chasing the latest social media trend. Some techniques date to the early years of the Web, but can still be effective if done right. Site announcements, surprisingly, can still generate traffic and links.

Taking a Look Inside MyBlogLog

Lee Odden interviewed MyBlogLog CEO Scott Rafer and got some insights into the blossoming social community site. From the looks of things, there are certainly some interesting developments in store for the young blogging community site.

Cutting MyBlogLog Spam

Social traffic is fantastic because:

      • It’s highly targeted
      • It’s immediate
      • It’s low cost and often free

The downside is because of it’s interactive nature (which contributes to it’s virality), spam marketers will always try to flood you, and drown out your message with their spam.

This includes, but is not limited to:

The State of Technorati

Sifry’s Alerts: The State of Technorati, April 2007: One of my favorite things to read are the "State of the Blogosphere" reports that Dave Sifry puts out. They provide a great overview of the overall popularity of blogging and are an excellent update on how fast this thing called blogging is still growing.

CRM for the Google Homepage

CRM for Google (CRM means Customer Relationship Management) is a set of gadgets for your personalized Google homepage that allows you to do things like track tasks, manage contacts, add notes, or create appointments.