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Kansas Bomb Plot Evidence To Be Hid From Public

Is this a case of too much public knowledge jeopardizing the safety of American citizens? U.S. District Judge Monti Belot thought so. He granted the prosecution’s request for a protective order in the case against avionics technician and would-be domestic terrorist Terry Loewen. Loewen, who was arrested December 13th following a successful FBI sting, has plead not guilty to the …

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Wichita Bomb Plot That Never Was

According to the FBI, a lone man’s attempt to blow up the Wichita Airport using a car bomb has been successfully foiled. The suspect in custody is Terry L. Loewen, a 58-year-old aviation technician and native of the region. Allegedly he had made terrorist threats of violence in the past, voicing a desire to declare a jihad on the United …

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Kansas Weather Anchor Evacuates As Tornadoes Hit Wichita

While the Moore, Oklahoma tornado is dominating the news cycle–rightfully so–it’s easy to forget about the weather damage that occurred on Sunday in Wichita, Kansas. While the devastation pales in comparison, the fact is, when a “massive” tornado hits, it’s hard to forget. To help illustrate the chaos nature can cause when it decides to unleash the power of its …

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