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Burger King Rolls Out The Hands Free Whopper

So yeah, this actually exists. At least according the Burger King-branded website, HandsFreeWhopper.com. So what would you do if you could eat a Whopper while your hands were free to pursue other activities? It should be noted that while the …

Only In Japan Can You Order A Whopper With 1,000 Slices Of Cheese
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People like to make fun of Americans for being fat and eating very unhealthy things. It’s a fair jab as a lot of us do like to give into temptation and order 20 McDoubles as a light snack. One thing …

Only In Japan: Burger King Offers A Windows 7 Whopper
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UPDATE: A video has surface on Youtube of someone attempting to eat the Windows 7 Whopper… watch at your own risk.