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Search Engines, Quit Worrying About Google

Research performed at The Wharton School suggested a ‘Myth of Market Share’ may compel companies to focus way too much attention at eroding the market share of competitors.

Social Networking in Corporations

The concept of social networking has been around in management research circles since the 1950s but advances in computing technology and the runaway success of online social communities has rekindled interest in the topic within business organizations.

Social Commerce and Fatigue

“As much as people want to connect through the Internet, the practice also can have the opposite effect: Social Networking Fatigue,” so says the article Social Sites Becoming Too Much of a Good Thing (via: SteinBlog).

My Story – On Learning about Blogs

2005 was an incredible year for me. Six months ago, I was “working for the man” and now, I am trying “to be the man.”

Microsoft Blogger Scoble Has Fans In Siberia

Wharton’s Managing Technology: Blogs, Everyone? Weblogs Are Here to Stay, but Where Are They Headed…