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Chinese Fisherman Nets Whale Shark

A Chinese fisherman netted a 14-foot-long 4,000 pound whale shark over the weekend, and was able to strap the carcass to the roof of a truck and haul it to a fish market in Xiaozhi. Fishing for the endangered whale shark is illegal in China, but Fujian province Captain Cai Chengzhu claims that the massive fish was accidently caught in …

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40 Foot Whale Shark Yields $18,000 To Fishermen

A pakistani fisherman has caught a 40 foot long whale shark. The shark weighs about 6.5 tons and was found floating unconscious about 150 kilometers off the shore. It was dead by the time it was removed from the water. It took five cranes to pull the massive fish from the water onto the docks. Whale sharks are a protected …

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