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Coal Slurry Spill Wreaks Havoc In WV

Over one hundred thousand gallons of coal slurry is thought to have leaked into Fields Creek, blackening several miles of water in eastern Kanawha County, WV. The state Department of Environmental Protection says that officials are investigating the spill. The source of the leak is Patriot Coal, where a malfunction is said to have occurred inside a slurry valve. Janine …

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West Virginia Chemical Spill Hurting The Economy

A chemical spill has put much of West Virginia in a state of emergency. Because the chemicals have leaked into ground water, a water ban has been issued for the state. Over 300,000 people in the area are without water and many businesses and schools have closed as a result of the spill and the tap water ban. President Obama …

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West Virginia Tap Water Remains Unsafe

A chemical spill with a strange, licorice-like smell has led to a massive water shortage in parts of West Virginia. The spill came from a tank belonging to Freedom Industries, a company that produces specialty chemicals for the mining, steel and cement industries. The spill happened Thursday, when as much as 5,000 gallons of a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol or …

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West Virginia Chemical Spill Affects Drinking Water

On Thursday, a tank at Freedom Industries leaked dangerous chemicals into the Elk River in Charleston, Virginia. Nine counties in West Virginia have been warned not to drink, bathe, cook or do laundry with their tap water because of the contamination hazards posed by this spill. The chemical is a foaming agent that is used in processing coal, and approximately …

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