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Can Rubenstein Help Save Kramer?

In Silicon Valley, there is one must read – it’s TechMeme. Gabe Rivera has done a great job at getting the zeitgeist of the Web 2.0 and blogging leaders – and heck, I’m in there, so it’s gotta be great.

Memetrackers Go Horizontal and Vertical

Memeorandum, which to date has focused on tech and politics, is wisely starting to branch out horizontally with new vertical sites.

Memorandum Launches Gossip Digger

One of the top resources we listed in our online reputation monitoring guide was Memorandum (which includes the excellent tech.memorandum).

Memeorandum Expands To Cover Gossip

Readers of Memeorandum’s political and technical blog news aggregators now have a third option for their viewing pleasure – the gleeful gossip grabber WeSmirch.com.