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Grace Kelly Biopic “Grace of Monaco” Stirs Controversy With Distribution Company, Royal Family

The upcoming Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, has stirred controversy before its release. An internal battle is ragging between the French director and producer, Olivier Dahan and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, and the distributor, the Weinstein company. According to the L.A. Times, the dispute began in January. Two versions of the film were then cut. The one for the American …

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‘Bully’ to be Released Using an Alternative Ratings System

Entertainment Weekly is reporting the The Weinstein Company will be using an alternative ratings system in the ads for its new documentary, ‘Bully‘. The movie will be displayed as having a ‘pause 13’ rating that the movie received from Common Sense Media. That rating, according to the Common Sense Media website, means the film is appropriate for 13-year-olds, though some …

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MPAA Won’t Change “Bully” Rating

Shortly after Katy Butler hand delivered a petition with more than 200,000 signatures to the MPAA, asking them to give “Bully” a PG-13 rating, chairman of the Classification and Rating Administration said the MPAA “shares Katy’s goals of shining a light on the problem of bullying.” Sure, that sounds good… but does the MPAA plan on changing the rating of …

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“Bully” Trailer Released By The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein Company has released the official trailer for their much talked about documentary Bully. The trailers release comes on the heels of the MPAA slapping an R rating on the movie, which angered many individuals. UPDATE: It now appears as though the MPAA has no plans on changing the rating of the film, which is truly a travesty. In …

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