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Building Database Enabled Websites

Moving from Simple Desktop applications with Microsoft Access , Paradox as the backend databases to the more robust SYBASE (db-library) , ORACLE , Microsoft SQL SERVER used in Client Server architecture with ODBC , OLEDB , TUXEDO frameworks we have moved to the Web based systems widely using Mysql , Microsoft SQL SERVER,ORACLE, POSTGRESQL databases as some of the backend supporters.

Design Simplicity for Business Websites

Search engines don’t care about web design. People do. While search engines will not index a website for its great layout, but for the content, people will forget the website that has nothing distinctive about it.

Create Member Based Websites with Wild Apricot

I’ve been finding some really great products lately (thanks to Emily Chang’s eHub) and Wild Apricot is one of them.

European Expansion for MySpace

MySpace.com, the online social network, is often a topic I include in presentations and workshops about social media and social computing.

How Bad Guys Hack into Websites Using SQL Injection
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SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web. Here I’ll try to explain in detail these kinds of vulnerabilities with examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.

Multiple-Languages Websites and SEO
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Over in our WebProWorld forum an interesting search engine optimization question has been posed …

Could the New Google Spider be Causing Issues with Websites?
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Around the time Google announced “Big Daddy,” there was a new Googlebot roaming the web. Since then I’ve heard stories from clients of websites and servers going down and previously unindexed content getting indexed.

Gaming Sites, Great; PR Sites, No

Public relations, an industry of professional communicators, not only scored at the bottom of all categories in the “Internet Standards Assessment Report,” but also apparently could not copywrite an effective flu shot campaign during an epidemic.

Websites Reflect True Face of an Organization

A website shows the true face of the organization as never before. A website is increasingly the place where customers get that vital first impression.

Google Analytics Slowing Down Websites

Google recently updated some of the Javascript fetched every time a page using Google Analytics is loaded.

Blogs Are Just Websites

The Internet has embraced blogs as both an individual and business revolution. For individuals it is a way to be heard and spread your point of view. For business it is both a way to foster customer loyalty and also a hip method of creating consumer buzz.

One-Click Websites from Google

Yet another new service from Google, this one aimed at anyone who wants to create a web page (not a blog) with the minimum of fuss and absolutely no exposure to anything techie:

Are Websites Judged in the Blink of an Eye?

People can get a strong impression of your website within one twentieth of a second, according to a new study. But it may not be a lasting impression.

PHP: Easy Dynamic Websites

PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web, and the reason for that is how easy it makes it to create dynamic websites quickly.

One Billion Web Users Need Better Websites
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Some time this year, the number of Internet users reached one billion. Billion with a “b.” If you count to one billion at one number per second, it would take you over 31 years to finish. It has taken the Internet 36 years to count that high, says web usability expert and former Sun Microsystems engineer Dr. Jakob Nielsen. The next 10 years will bring the second billion, growing at an annual rate of 18 percent, and will include unprecedented numbers from Asia and senior citizens-and that has huge implications in e-commerce.

Understanding Web 2.0
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This afternoon, I was in a Skype discussion with an old friend in the UK and part of our conversation strayed into a discussion about Web 2.0.

Flash, SEO and Optimization – How to Properly use Flash on Your Websites
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Flash movies can be a great thing. They can help catch eyes that are otherwise bored with static looking pages, and they can help tell a story better than plain text.

Beyond Translationthe Feng Shui of Global Websites

Are you planning on translating your website to describe your company to people outside your home market or sell your products internationally?

Are You Hung-Up On Page Rank And Back Links?
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It’s unfortunate that many website owners are so hung-up on Page Rank, they’ll rarely if ever, link to a site with a page rank lower than their own.

Top 10 Reasons for Creating Global Websites

At any given time, millions of people are jacked into the internet. They are shopping for the perfect MP3 player, researching trends, or reading the latest news – often with little or no awareness of where the product or information originates.

Delta, AirTran Update Websites

Two domestic airlines subjected their websites to extreme makeovers and feature expanded travel planning options.