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HitBox, Omniture & WebTrends Popularity HitBox, Omniture & WebTrends Popularity

While comparing web analytics products on Google Trends yesterday I noticed that WebTrends has always had a strong presence in terms of search volume but over the last 6 months to 1 year Omniture has really started to make its presence felt.

WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University

WebSideStory’s Digital Marketing University (DMU) is just around the corner in March – and I’m going to be teaching two classes this time. I’ll be doing a hands-on class on Functionalism – which I hope would be useful to almost any web analytics practitioner.

In addition, I’ll be doing a class on advanced Visitor Segmentation in Visual Science. That’s obviously a deep-dive class – and it should be a lot of fun.

WebSideStory Publish 4.0

Late last week WebSideStory announced the release of their latest On Demand CMS system which integrates directly with HBX Analytics.

The UK says Whats a Yahoo?

In a Cockney accent: In the United Kingdom, three out of four punters use Google – yeah, mate, that’s some 75 percent. That’s what WebSideStory, Inc. said anyway. Yahoo! barely gets a mention, and Jeeves, no wonder he retired, hardly anyone was making use of im.

Google Tops In Search Referrals, Stock Reaches $300

The hits just keep on coming for search Google who is quite possibly becoming one of the most popular names in the open market today… at least it appears that way when you inspect the available data.

Googles Exciting Ride

Apparently, today is confirmation day for Google. After an impressively product week, results from two studies that were released today indicated what most people all ready know: Google is still king of the search engine heap.

Firefox Continues To Gain On Internet Explorer

Although some may argue that the numbers don’t quite add up, it appears we have an honest to goodness browser war brewing.

Google Dominates Search Referral Market Share

Google’s hold on the search engine market continues. In a report released by WebSideStory.com today, it was revealed that Google is the highest-ranking search engine in terms of search referral market share.