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Google Talks Spam Control for Buzz

Update: WebProNews contacted Google to find out how they handle Google Buzz spam. The company tells us:

"We have several spam and abuse checks in place for Google Buzz content. On the abuse side, we recompress images that are uploaded, and links are scanned by the same technology that helps protect Google web search and browsers that implement our Safe Browsing data. Users can also click "Report abuse" in the drop-down menu for each Buzz message. We will suspend accounts for abuse that violates our terms of service."

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What’s Digital Terrorism?

“Digital terrorism” isn’t a phrase one hears often. There might be good reason for that: it’s not abundantly clear what digital terrorism entails. Is it hacking into air traffic control to give dangerous instructions to pilots? Is it using YouTube to promote a violent, hateful cause? Is it setting up a Facebook group to give members a chance to voice a yea in favor of something offensive? Is it trolling comment areas and flaming an author?

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Social Media A Stumbling Block For IT Pros

A survey of 1,300 IT professionals worldwide conducted by Websense reveals a majority of IT managers are still unsure what constitutes Web 2.0, and are ill-equipped to combat security concerns associated with social media. 

About 95 percent of businesses allow access to social media in the workplace, and 86 percent of IT managers surveyed reported being pressured to expand social media accessibility—most often from marketing, sales, and C-level executives—despite security concerns.

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