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Hello.com Comes with Googles Picasa

There has been much discussion of Picasa, Google’s recently acquired digital image program. However, relatively few people are aware that another program comes quietly bundled with Picasa: Hello, a free peer-to-peer network run by the Pasadena-based company.

Does Googles Improved AdWord Relevancy Affect You?

The other day, Google announced an algorithm update for its AdWords targeting. The update was designed to ensure that searchers would receive the most relevant, targeted ads according to the keywords in their queries.

Microsoft Promises ‘Ten Times Better’ Search

In a move that comes as no surprise to industry experts who’ve long been predicting a search engine battle between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, Bill Gates announced at a Sydney media briefing that Microsoft plans to increase its search capability in July.

Google Update Causes PageRank Mania
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Google updated PageRank and backlinks Tuesday night, at approximately 8:30 PM (EST), SERoundtable announced Wednesday.

Link Structure Beats Google’s Network Filter
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If you run a network of sites then there’s a new algorithmic speculation you need to be aware of – the network filter.

Yahoo Busting Up 301 Redirects

Barry Schwarz of SEORoundTable (and now moderator of the SearchEngineWatch forums – congrats!) brought to my attention the troubles webmasters have had with 301 redirects in Yahoo. Yahoo SiteMatch reps even recommended creating doorway pages rather than using 301 redirects, and I’ve read that they will treat 301s as duplicate content.

Gmail Compatibility Issues

The news concerning Gmail has had a negative bent lately. Google’s email service faces questions, complaints, and privacy filings concerning the placement of contextual ads within incoming and outgoing emails. Add compatibility questions to the mounting Gmail criticisms.

Smart Pricing Changes AdSense Payouts
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In all the Gmail flurry last week Google sent around an email to their AdSense providers alerting them to a potential change in payouts known as “Smart Pricing.”

Hacking the Google Numrange Operator
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For hardcore researchers Google launched a new number range search, allowing users to look for pages that contain numbers within a specified range. If you’re looking for that one Phil Collins song you loved so much in the early 80s and can’t remember the name simply type “phil collins 1980..1985″ without the quotes.

Google AdSense To Allow Multiple Ad Units Per Page

In the recent changes to Google’s AdSense terms of service, many AdSense users noticed this statement: “multiple ad units may be displayed on each Web site page, but no ad unit shall contain any advertisement in common with any other ad unit.”

Arrest Shows Google’s Vulnerability
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Michael Bradley, recently arrested for his boneheaded attempt to extort money from Google, is a wake up call to the PPC industry.

Business Eye for the Marketing Guy

How the Fab Five have changed marketing…

AdWords: A Commercial Haiku

If you’re looking for an AdWords supporter, look no further than Ted “Tedster” Ulle, a site administrator for the popular online forum WebmasterWorld.

WebmasterWorld to be Sold?

Brett Tabke, owner of the successful online forum WebmasterWorld, denied this week that he currently has any plans to sell the popular forum.

Overture’s Site Match Revealed

Here’s the first breaking news from the WebmasterWorld conference: some very reliable sources have revealed the name of Overture’s top secret new product.

Coming Soon to a Yahoo Near You

As searchers become more sophisticated, the search engines are forced to evolve to keep up with the changing times.

Paid Inclusion Tips and Tricks

One important aspect of paid inclusion is determining whether or not your site makes a good candidate.

85% of Search Terms Untapped?

People are only optimizing for a small fraction of available search terms, according to a statement made by Overture’s Dan Boberg.

WebmasterWorld PubConference Live Report

Webmasterworld’s Publishers Conference VI has begun and WebProNews is reporting live from the scene in Orlando, Florida.