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What Happens If You Block The Google Crawler

Although it’s a move few would consider, what would happen to a site if the webmaster decided to block the Google crawler from indexing their sites by stipulating such in the site’s robot.txt file?

How Much Is An AdSense Website Worth?

There is an interesting thread going on over at Webmaster World titled How much is an AdSense website worth? The discussion revolves around selling websites and determining what price is fair.

WebmasterWorld Moderator Ian Turner Missing

When something happens to a member of the SEO community, the Internet is a valuable tool for assisting those who are concerned. Such is the case with Ian Turner.

WebmasterWorld Conference Wrap-up

As a veteran of last year’s San Jose SES, I certainly understand the benefit of conferences when it comes to everything related to search engines including; marketing, optimization, link strategies, and so on. The amount of insider knowledge you are privy to can be incredibly valuable.

Last Round Of The Google Bourbon Update Finishing Up
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As indicated in earlier reports, Google is in the midst of updating their search index. This particular update is being referred to as “Bourbon”. Perhaps it’s named this because of the amount of potential stress that index updates can cause.

Yahoo Hits The Road This Summer

With the summer conference schedule in full swing, search engine representatives will most likely be showing up at a city near you.

Search Engines Giving Some Support

SEO Roundtable has a few posts on search engine employees who are giving feedback and advice to webmasters in SEO forums. Rusty points to GoogleGuy, who’s been running his own thread at WebmasterWorld where he explains Google Toolbar PageRank and backlink updates and other things webmasters have been wildly speculating.

GoogleGuy Calls Out AdSense Spam Sites

There are a number of sites that have been developed for the express purpose of receiving ad clicks. These spam sites generate erroneous content (if they aren’t scraping it from another source) and place AdSense ads in order to trick visitors into clicking the ads so the spam site developer can benefit financially.

Yahoo and Google continue to update SERPs

Google’s most recent update is taking longer than usual to complete. As reported here two weeks ago, Google is updating its algorithm and this update is causing volatility in the search engine results under various keywords and keyword phrases.

Yahoo SERP Update Underway?

Reports are surfacing concerning a major update occurring at Yahoo’s search engine. However, some feel this may be just a run-up to the real thing.

It’s Baaack …. Google Page Rank Reappears

SEO addicts are breathing a sigh of relief today after the Disappearance of Google Page Rank seemingly being rectified in the last few hours.

Google Backlink Update

For those of you who watch such things – it seems that Google has just started a backlink update.

Desktop Search Engine From T-Online?

According to posters at WebmasterWorld, T-Online is getting ready to launch their own desktop search engine, using Copernic technology.

Webmasterworld Members Suspect a Google Mole

Deep into wmw’s anti Autolink thread we see ThatAdamGuy, aka Adam Lasnik getting a kickin’ for being a Google spy.

ThreadWatch, WebmasterWorld Catfight?

This was too funny to pass up. According to the Search Engine Roundtable WebmasterWorld has purchased the .net version of the ThreadWatch.org domain.

Gauging Reactions To MSN Search

Last Thursday, MSN announced the official beta launch of their search engine. Although a preview had been available on their sandbox site, the launch marked the official unveiling of the company’s proprietary search technology to the general public. Reaction to what many view as Microsoft’s challenge to Google’s throne was swift.

Google and Yahoo at WebmasterWorld Conference

WebmasterWorld launched its World Search Conference yesterday, sponsored by online content firm InfoSearch Media.

WebmasterWorld Conference Final Speaker Roster

The WebmasterWorld’s World of Search Conference scheduled for November 16-18 in Las Vegas has published a final speaker roster and announced over 24 sessions with more than 70 industry-leading speakers.

The Googlebot Assault Continues

Now that the long-awaited PR update has come and gone, there are reports of the Google’s indexing spider continuing to perform comprehensive site scans. Recently, WebProNews ran an article discussing these types of scans and the majority of the speculation pointed towards the upcoming PR update. Now that this quarter’s update is complete, why is the Googlebot continuing to bombard sites?

Managing AdWords Campaigns With High Keyword Volume
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When conducting a search engine advertising campaign, keyword management can be one of the most crucial and complicated aspects advertisers have to prepare for. During the San Jose SES conference, most, if not all, search engine representatives stressed the importance of relevant keyword selection, and how it can be the difference between profit and loss.

Are Search Engine Submission Services Worth It?
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We’ve all noticed ads for businesses offering search engine submission services. Most of these companies boast that they will submit your site to “thousands of search engines”, while guaranteeing an effective SERP listing.