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Google Moves Unclicked Sponsored Results

Reportedly, Google is testing a system that removes the top sponsored results, moving them to the side panel, if a user consistently doesn’t click on the ads.

Yahoo Stealing Clients from Search Marketers?

Barry extracts some disturbing info posted at WebmasterWorld that suggests Yahoo is not afraid to steal clients away from its search marketing partners.

WebmasterWorld Boston 2006 Pubcon Wrapup

This year’s Pubcon in Boston was held at the Elephant in the Castle, a good sized Boston bar/pub.

Heading to WebmasterWorld PubCon 2006 in Boston

I’m heading out on a late night flight for Boston this evening to attend the WebmasterWorld conference in Boston.

Favorite Feed Vote and Update

I received an email the other day from a site called Search Engine Feeds claiming to be running a Favorite Search Engine Feeds vote for the next month or so.

Lowdown with Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld

Recently I had the opportunity get the scoop from WebmasterWorld and Pubcon Search Engine Marketing conference owner, Brett Tabke.

Wanna Chat With Googlebot?

Googlebot loves surfing the web. He follows from link to link, discovering new pages along the way and adding them to Google’s index.

Google Analytics Slowing Down Websites

Google recently updated some of the Javascript fetched every time a page using Google Analytics is loaded.

Google AdSense Hints

Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable and Webmasterworld are discussing Google AdSense hints.

Why Did WebmasterWorld Ban Google?

When I first saw this news I thought it was some sort of news parody. Who would think that WebmasterWorld wouldn’t want traffic from search engines.

PubCon Notes – Las Vegas

Sorry about the lack of posting … I’ve been at PubCon all week … a search engine conference hosted by WebmasterWorld.

Pubcon Las Vegas: Interview with Brett Tabke

One of the hottest topics in marketing is search marketing and many webmasters, company marketers and agencies are scrambling to acquire the knowledge necessary to serve their clients.

Inside AdSenses Black Box

An interesting line of conversation has been circulating around the blogosphere for the last few days. The conversation has to do with AdSense and how one poorly performing site can bring down the price paid per click down on all of them in a single company’s sites.

Are Googles Content Spiders Being Duped?

Google is reported to have experimented with an algorithmic tweak creating a more aggressive duplicate content filter, much to the chagrin of webmasters who operate in-depth and content-rich websites. The fear is that not only is duplicate content being penalized across sites, but also within sites.

Is AdSense Filtering A Good Idea?

With Google’s AdSense program, site owners and bloggers are given the option of filtering and blocking advertisements that don’t fit in with their site, either because they are from competition, are unrelated to the site content, or have a low payout. Google insists that webmasters are financially better off blocking ads as little as possible, an assertion many disagree with.

Yahoo Playing With Search Results

Toward the end of last week and during the weekend, it appears Yahoo was toying with their search listings. There could be lots of reasons for this but generally, it’s in the name of some form of improvement.

The Google, Deep Throat, WebMasterWorld Connection

The early bird gets the fake press release. Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker, scarcely before the sun came up this morning, rubbed his eyes, sipped his coffee and did a spit-take as he read the press release headline: “Google unveils new erotica search engine.” Baker was able to wipe off his monitor, research the matter, and post about it by 7 AM.

Time To Check Your Google Ranking
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One of the more important tasks in relation to search engine indices involves the keeping this content fresh and up to date. To accomplish this, search engines have developed a number of procedures designed to refresh and update their respective databases. In all likelihood, the most popular of these events has to be when Google performs a backlink and PageRank update, which happens throughout the year at determined intervals.

Google Backlink (and Page Rank) Update in Progress
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I had a hunch that Google would do an update this weekend and this morning I have logged on to find that an backlink update is under way.

WebmasterWorld To Host Vegas Conference

Bright lights, gambling, dancing girls, and Search nerds galore will be found in Las Vegas this November as Webmaster World’s Search Engine & Internet Marketing PubCon conference pounds the Vegas strip.

Yahoo Rolls Out Unannounced SERP Update

Every so often, a search engine has to refresh the contents of their index by performing any number of result-related updates. It’s usually pretty easy to find when search updates are going on, especially when it affects the big 3. All you have to do is monitor any of the popular SEO/SEM forums.