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Google: From Direct Marketing to Branded Ads

Ad Relevancy & Quality Scores

Google has again and again touted the value of their targeted marketing, but most of the fortune 500 ad dollars are not spent on targeted marketing. A couple weeks ago in a WebmasterWorld thread many advertisers complained about getting killed by another quality score update.

Is Google Replacing Affiliates With Big Brand Spenders?
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Google’s search for utmost relevancy is hitting affiliate marketers hard, who are noticing their best converters diminishing as keyword prices raise. Relevancy has been the company’s buzzword, but critics say it’s more about the Almighty Coin (pr. Kwan).

eBay Live, Paid Search

Steve Lobo, Senior Manager Search Marketing at eBay gave an informative talk on paid search at the eBay Live conference in Boston.

Yahoo Slurps Somewhere Else

The migration of the Slurp is complete, says Yahoo. Over the past few weeks, the search engine has been transitioning its crawler, dubbed (disgustingly) "Slurp," to a new address at crawl.yahoo.net. Adjust your server logs as necessary and join the curmudgeons who are unimpressed.

Yahoo Autos Condemned For Cloaking

The automotive world can get pretty shady, but it still came as a surprise when Yahoo was recently caught “serving keyword stuffed pages to the SE crawlers and regular pages to the average users.”  This is known as “cloaking,” and it took place on the Yahoo Autos site.

Does Google Investigate All Bad SERP Reports?

A statement made by Google recently bagged lots of critical feedbacks on a WebmasterWorld thread. In a Google update on spam reporting Google claimed that they will investigate all bad SERP reports.

YPN Stops Displaying Ads to International Visitors

Yahoo! is trying to get its act together with regard to click fraud. The first fall out of Yahoo!’s efforts is banning of foreign site visitors from YPN ads. Yahoo! is intent on restricting internal ad frauds by barring visitors from certain countries from viewing the ads.

Microsoft to Improve SERPs

A WebmasterWorld thread informs about Microsoft’s claims to take over the Internet search. An article on NYTimes reports about Microsoft’s future plans.

Microsoft Overcharges, Refunds, Charges Again

A couple of weeks back a major Microsoft AdCenter bug costed advertisers huge amounts. This bug made the advertisers pay a blasting amount as compared to what they have bid for. However, this bug was soon fixed and before the advertisers could even raise their brows they were paid back.

Is Yahoo Becoming a Clone of Google?

Brett Tabke recently opened up a forum thread on WebmasterWorld titled: Yahoo SERPS vs Google SERPS – If you can’t beat em – join em?. Brett also provides a screen shot comparing the results screens of the two engines.

Cloaking Concerns Over WebmasterWorld

The issue of website cloaking bubbled to the surface of the search engine optimization world again, as a handful of noteworthy names debated the tactic and WebmasterWorld’s alleged use of it over time.

MS AdCenter Bug Makes Advertisers Pay Huge Sums

A major Microsoft AdCenter bug costs advertisers to shell out huge amounts. This bug makes the advertisers may a blasting amount as compared to what they have bid for.

A Webmasterworld thread addressing the same issue has tremendous amount of posts where affected advertisers have addressed the situation. 

My daily spend increased almost 10-fold from $140 to over $1350 yesterday!

How Sites Are Ranked in Yahoo! Directory

A WebmasterWorld thread inquires how the sites are ranked within the Yahoo! Directory. Search Engine Roundtable  explains in a post that the sites are ranked in Yahoo! Directory on the basis of popularity.

Search Engine Roundtable says:

AdWords CPC Price Gouge Bug Fixed?

Search Engine Roundtable has reported the fixing of Google AdWords CPC Price Gouge Bug. The bug pushed up minimum bids to unnatural highs for some keywords. Webmasterworld members have reported relative normalcy over the weekend.

my accout is 75% or more back to normal.

Google Index Update?

On Wednesday the SE Round Table Blog noticed a thread on WebMasterWorld regarding a potential Google Update. Matt Cutts did comment saying he was sure that an update was not happening.

I’ve noticed my blog hit with a few changes in Google over this last week. I say hit because the changes were not positive. Here are my symptoms:

Yahoo Sheds More Light On Quality Score

Last week, Yahoo launched its new Panama search platform amidst much buzz throughout the blogosphere. As part of the new model, Yahoo will be implementing a scoring system to determine ad quality, which will in turn have an influence on bid prices for keywords.

We’re less than two weeks into Panama, and already Yahoo has been more forthcoming with information concerning its quality score calculation that Google was within the first two months.

Does Google See Sub Domains as Part of Main?

A WebmasterWorld thread reports that while searching with a site command at Google Search, Google returns results that may be sub domains.

Brand Protection vs. Link Baiting

Any publicity is good publicity…

Ask Shoemoney Your Affiliate Questions

I got a chance to hang out with Jeremy a bit in Chicago and at pubcon in Vegas – and we’re gonna do an episode of NetIncome this evening.

Update At Google

According to Seroundtable.com and WebMasterWorld Forum there seems to be a small update going on over at Google known as a data refresh.

Tips for Launching Your Blog

I’m sure I’m not doing all the things on the list, but I’m sure you’re not either