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Get Your Videos Indexed in Google Results
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Google wants webmasters who offer video content to be able to get their videos displayed in search results more easily. The company has announced that that it now supports Facebook Share and Yahoo SearchMonkey RDFa, which are both markup formats that allow webmasters to specify information that is important to video indexing.

Google on Notification of Webmaster Guideline Violations
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One thing that Google is pretty good at is providing resources for webmasters to learn from. The regular videos from Matt Cutts in which he answers user-submitted questions are no different. It just happens to be this very topic that is addressed in the latest upload.

Question: Whenever Google detects a violation of its Webmaster Guidelines, can we expect a feature to be added in Google Webmaster Central where it could help the webmasters learn what the issue was?

Google Launches New Features for Sites
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Google has introduced some new features to Google Sites, the company’s web site creation and publishing app. The new features were made to make it easier for users to copy their site, and use more options to search and announce updates.

Google Sites now allows users to copy entire sites. You can do this by simply going to "Manage Site," then "General," and "Copy Site."

Google Provides Tool for Speeding Up Web Pages
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Last month Google spoke about an initiative it was kicking off to call upon webmasters to help make the web faster. Larry Page once said he envisioned a web that could be surfed as easily as flipping through the pages of a magazine. This initiative is kind of an extension of that way of thinking.

Digg Sets Record Straight on DiggBar URLs
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There has been a lot of talk about the DiggBar and its handling of URLs this week, after the company implemented some changes in its service. To clear the air, Digg has addressed the situation.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson issued the following statement on Digg the Blog:

Google Webmaster Tools Updated With New Features

Google has released an update to Webmaster Tools, with the code name "Summer Shine." The update comes with several new features.

The first new feature is that the site selector now lists all verified sites that the user owns. It also allows the user to search as they type.

Do Meta Geo Tags Influence Google?
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Google’s Matt Cutts frequently posts useful tips for webmasters on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel. The short clips generally offer valuable nuggets of info that can have an impact on your site’s performance in Google.

Bing Offers Toolbox for Webmasters, Developers & Advertisers
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Microsoft announced the Bing Toolbox today, which is a new portal for webmasters, publishers, developers, and advertisers. Basically it is a resource for finding useful Bing-related tools. Here’s the official description:

The Toolbox is an organized set of tools for the entire Bing community. It’s a one-stop portal to all of the services you need to drive traffic and increase engagement with your site and applications.

Attention Webmasters: Google Sitemaps Updates
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Google has been working on updates to how it uses sitemaps. Considering research highlighted in this study (pdf), which showed how search engines find new and changed content faster with sitemaps, webmasters should take note.

How to Avoid Google Penalties with AJAX and display:none
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As you may have read about by now, Google’s Matt Cutts participated in a fairly lengthy Q&A session at SMX Advanced in Seattle. One interesting question that Matt got was about how webmasters should deal with display:none and AJAX without being penalized by Google.

Cutts recommends making sure that whenever you write your own mouseover code that you don’t roll your own custom solution, which he says might do some really weird things that nobody else has done before.

Accessibility Information Webmasters Can Use
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Web Accessibility organization WebAIM has posted results from an interesting survey on the use of screen readers. Webmasters should pay attention to this, as accessibility is an important part of your online presence, but is often ignored or overlooked. Just ask Target, who settled an accessibility lawsuit last year for $6 million.

Google Introduces New Open Source Sitemap Generator
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Google has introduced a new Sitemap Generator for webmasters to help them create better sitemap files. Google had previously introduced one back in 2005, and watched many other people make their own, but this one is different they say.


Google said today that it is introducing a new look to its Webmaster Help Group.


Google said today that it is introducing a new look to its Webmaster Help Group.

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Google said today that it is introducing a new look to its Webmaster Help Group.


Google said today that it is introducing a new look to its Webmaster Help Group.

Countdown To Google Webmaster Chat

It’s almost time for webmasters to glue their ears to a phone once more; Google plans to hold another free live chat this afternoon.

Oops, Google Malware Review Form Working Again

Webmasters this week were greeted with an "oops, not working" error when they tried using Google’s Malware Review form.

The form that was introduced last year in August to help webmasters solve issues of malware or badware, faced some technical problems this week and this was first reported at around 1 am on May 15th.

Google reminds webmasters about robot invasion

Users of Google’s Webmaster Central tools have access to an effective module for creating robots.txt files for their sites.

Google SERP Changes Result in Traffic Spikes
A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted.

This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.

Feeds Out Of Google Search Results

Searches at Google.com won’t turn up RSS or Atom feeds, with the exception of podcasts, as Google makes a change to improve the user experience.

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