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Microsoft Launches Alternative To Google Apps
Microsoft launched Windows Live Community Builder without any fan-fare or hoopla. This comes shortly after launching Live Search Webmaster Tools For Business.

Do You Have A Useful 404 Page?

Crashing into a 404 page not found result when arriving from a link where the visitor expected to find useful content could make or break that person’s expectations of that site.

GoDaddy & Google Partner on Webmaster Tools

Go Daddy and Google collaborate to offer easy access to Webmaster Tools, informs the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Reports Indicate Another Google PR Update
Microsoft Webmaster Portal Live in Beta

MSN Webmaster Portal was announced in August and was to be released into beta in September and be fully accessible by the end of November, however very little has been released since the initial announcement. Until now.

Let Google Know Your Site’s Geographical Location
If your site is location-specific (www.abcdef.es) then it really isn’t a problem but if your domain ended with a .com or a .net or a .org then it is hard for search engines to know your location. Now, ex-Googler Vanessa Fox has post which tells everyone how to Let Google Know The Geographic Location of Your Site.

Webmasters: Where’d My Links Go, Google?

The webmaster forums are lit up with reports that the Google Webmaster Toolbar is showing zero backlinks, and some are reporting a decrease in traffic shortly after.

MSN Jumps on Analytics Train

From the adCenter Blog:

How to Control Your Google Sitelinks

Google have just launched a new function in their Google Webmaster Center where website owners can now decide what Google Sitelinks they want displayed in the search results.

Disabling Specific Google Sitelinks

Google sitelinks are the navigational links displayed in search results, below a site (this typically happens for your site if you search for the site’s title, but note it only happens for some sites out there).

Controlling Your (Expanding) Google Sitelinks

Google’s announcing some big changes with their Sitelinks feature.

Google Webmaster Central Takes History Lesson

What’s old is new with the tools Google makes available to webmasters, with their latest update that brings more historical data to the service.

New Google Webmaster’s Guidelines
I just found another Google webmaster guideline worth sharing…

Google Webmaster Central Adds Subscriber Stats

Late last Friday, Google’s Webmaster Central Blog reported some additional features which included the ability for publishers to see the number of subscribers to their content.

Help Improve Search for Everyone
In a thread in Webmaster World, MatthewHSE has a forum called, "Help Improve Search for Everyone" – New Google SERPs Message.

Yahoo! Ignoring The No Yahoo Directory Tag?

Based on threads in both Webmaster World and Digital Point Yahoo! Might have ceased using the No Yahoo Directory Tag.

Reports range from

Gary Angel Analyzes Google Analytics

The almighty Googleplex can provide its webmasters good information with the company’s analytics product, but Angel sees a lot of room for improvement.

Google Teaches Robots Tool About Sitemaps

The robots.txt analysis tool at Google Webmaster Central received some much-needed updating, and should be more effective for webmasters today.

Google Updates Webmaster Malware Reviews

Webmasters whose sites have been flagged in Google’s search results as being potential links to malware have a new process for updating their listings after cleaning the site.

Fred Thompson’s Webmaster Doesn’t Know Dmoz
· 7

The potential Presidential candidate’s campaign doesn’t know why a Google listing for his official website has a description they didn’t write. We know what happened.

Yahoo YSlow Shows Site Slowness

A Firefox add-on called YSlow from Yahoo works with the Firebug plugin to show webmasters the causes of problems with their website’s performance.

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