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Microsoft: Gmail Users Prefer

There’s no cool blind taste test site or video with some guy walking up to random people and shoving such an offering in their faces, but Microsoft is once again saying that most users prefer its product to Google’s. This time, however, it’s not about Bing. It’s about vs. Gmail. According to Microsoft, four out of five people like …

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The past week has been a big one in the email space. We told you about AOL’s big new redesign, and then Google integrated Google+ Hangouts into Gmail. Now, Microsoft is dropping Hotmail in favor of a new, rebranded web mail service based on its other popular email brand: The company announced the launch of a preview of the …

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Communication Breakdown: When Email Goes Down

At the end of December, some Hotmail users experienced problems with their email – it was gone. Messages and folders went completely missing from their accounts. Luckily, for those users, the emails came back. 

Microsoft says it recovered 100% of email and folders for the accounts affected. Unfortunately, for those who didn’t sign into their accounts between the time of the incident and the time the account was restored, any messages sent to their accounts during that time would have bounced. 

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More Than Just a Redesign Going on with Facebook This Week

It’s been a pretty big week for Facebook. Not only is there a lot of talk about Facebook’s potential for becoming the top news source on the web, but the company celebrated its sixth birthday, is passing the 400 million user mark, and began rolling out some new design changes. In addition, the company is said to be rewriting its messaging feature and preparing to launch a webmail product, but first things first.

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Email Attacks Put Other Types of Accounts in Jeopardy

You’ve probably seen reports of big webmail phishing attacks over the week. A spokesperson for Symantec‘s Message Labs tells WebProNews, however, that most reports have glossed over a key point to consider. That is that the potential impact on other aspects of victims’ online lives are in jeopardy as well.

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Webmail Storage Quotas – Are They Redundant?

The last time I checked my Gmail quota (actually just a few minutes ago), I was just using 45 megabytes of my 3,373 megabyte quota. So are email quotas irrelevant?

If that’s not enough, over at the Gmail blog, they’ve just mentioned “More Gmail Storage for All

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Web-Mail Bridges Gap Between Thunderbird and Web Based Email

A coworker pointed out the Mozilla Web-Mail project: “The Web-Mail extension creates a platform which other extensions use to integrate web based email accounts into Mozilla Thunderbird.

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