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The Daily Me

The Wall Street Journal spotlights a whole new generation of news sites powered by RSS that track reading habits and use that data to make story suggestions based on what others like you have read.

Nooz for and by the MySpace Crowd

At first glance Nooz looks like another community edited news site. Au contraire.

LAPD Blogs

The Los Angeles Police Department has started a blog, joining the LA Fire Department which has had one for quite awhile.

dcamp Kicks Off

dcamp, the camp for designers and developers, kicks off tomorrow night.

Teens May Not Go Trading Spaces

TechCrunch has more information on AIM Pages, AOL’s effort to court the MySpace crowd.

Plagiarism and Full Text Feeds

Unsurprisingly, The Boston Globe says that online plagiarism is rampant in the blog world.

BBC Opens an API

The BBC has launched an experimental API for software developers. An API is basically a data stream.

Six Apart Outage Caused by Stupidity

If you have a TypePad blog, you will definitely know about the denial of service attack on Six Apart’s servers earlier this week, when access to TypePad blogs (as well as other Six Apart services such as LiveJournal) was down for some considerable time.

A Case Study in The Transient Web?

Remember when I wrote about the transient nature of the Web? It might be happening to YouTube.

RentAThing, Portable Reputation Management

Dave Chiu and Didier Hilhorst are proposing the rollout of a special personal reputation management system called RentAThing that would follow you wherever you go both online and off.

Suing Bloggers is an Invitation for Bad PR

Late last week Warren Kremer Paino Advertising sued Maine blogger Lance Dutson for copyright infringement, defamation and trade libel and injurious falsehood.

Marketers Experimenting with Emerging Channels

According to a new report from Forrester Research most marketers are relying less on new forms of interactive media than they are the tried and true.

MySpace, Facebook Go Mobile

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest tech trends today – social networking and mobile?

Optimize Enterprise 2.0

Optimize Magazine has an article by Howard Greenstein on Enterprise 2.0:

Will Social Media Shatter the Glass Ceiling?

Despite our country’s great strides in working to give women equal rights in virtually every aspect of society, there is still a “glass ceiling” both in PR and in the broader Fortune 500.

Google Juice 101

Leslie Walker at the Washington Post explains how how to boost a web site’s rank by increasing its Google Juice.

A Social Network for Feed Fans

Feed Collectors is a site where users can collect and share their RSS feeds in a social network environment.

Study Puts Blog Readers in Buckets

A new survey of 36,000 blog readers conducted by BlogAds reveals there are different types of blog readers.

Ambulance Chasing Was Never Easier
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Google AdWords is saving some legwork for carpe sue’em attorneys. Revealing what we are likely to see more of in the future, a New York blogger was reluctant to use the moniker “ambulance chaser.”

Palopia: the Next FaceBook or MySpace?

The Daily Trojan, the USC student newspaper, profiles Palopia founder Trent Bigelow (no relation to Deuce).

Blogging Causes Trash Problems in China

The Peoples Daily, the most influential and authoritative newspaper in China, tackles to blog or not to blog.