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Robert Scoble Quits Microsoft

Blogging pioneer and all-around good guy Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech.net, a podcasting/video blogging start up that recently took in several million dollars in financing.

When the Electric Company Gets RSS

I had to put a call into my local power company – the Long Island Power Authority – today to take care of a customer service issue.

HuffPo’s People Ranker

The Hufffington Post has a little widget on their new Eat The Press site that pulls in data from Google Blog Search into nice little charts.

Yahoo Launches Social Media Gay Pride Site

United Press International reports that Yahoo has launched a microsite in honor of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.

The MySpace Economy

Nial Kennedy has a round-up of stats about Technorati’s traffic. Much of it comes from MySpace.

Why the Web is the Rodney Dangerfield of Media

According to a new study by the Online Publisher’s Association 17% of all time spent with media takes place online.

Micropart Advertising

Radio, TV and online media are sold by time of day – what’s called daypart advertising.

Virtual Marketing Jobs

Global Kids, Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization focused on urban youth, is actually looking for someone with experience in working as Second Life Special Trainer.

TypePad to Blend Social Networking, Blogs

Michael Arrington got the scoop on a big TypePad upgrade coming tomorrow called Comet that will blend blogging and social networking.

Flickr to Get Contextual Nikon Banner Ads
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Nikon has struck a deal with Flickr to place Nikon branding on the site, including small logos next to photos that were taken with their cameras.


What if maps and other reference sources adopted wiki technology? Well, they’re starting to thanks to mashups.

TV News for Sale?

PodGuide.tv notices that a whole batch of video programming from NBC News is available for sale in the iTunes Music Store.

I Like Companies That Say ‘We Suck’

I like companies and products that have the guts to say “we suck” or something close to it. It’s very un PR.

MSN Search ODP Opt-Out Option

MSN search has introduced an Open Directory (ODP or DMOZ) opt-out meta tag allowing webmasters and search marketers the option of preventing an erroneous or miswritten Open Directory description from appearing as part of MSN search results.

Google News Takes Heat Over Blog Exclusions

Google is getting smacked for removing conservative e-zines and blogs from Google News.

Google Launches Consumer Generated Campaign

Google Blogoscoped notices that Google is developing deeper ties to Hollywood.

Y! Tube in the Works

Microsoft’s Niall Kennedy dug through the Yahoo analyst day deck and found out that a new Finance site, a revamped My Web 2.0 and last but not least a YouTube clone are on their way.

Inquisitor Instant Metasearch Rocks

Inquisitor has launched a rockin’ Web-based metasearch engine that scours A9, Amazon, digg, Google, Technorati and Yahoo.

Technorati Adds Blog Baseball Cards

Technorati has created nice little blog baseball cards that show you a bloggers ranking (no matter what number they are), top tags, citations, posts, Alexa charts and more.


I participated in a fireside chat with Stuart MacDonald at Mesh today. We covered a range of topics about blogs, social media, marketing and PR.

Om on Media at Mesh

Mark Evans from the National Post is grilling Om Malik on the future of media at Mesh Conference here in Toronto.