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The Wikiwyg Project

Given the mention of the Wikiwyg project by Jimmy in his talk, I posted my own mention at Socialtext.com.

Cutts Takes SEO To Google Video

Google insider Matt Cutts needs to stop taking his work home with him. But his leisure-time loss is the SEOer’s gain. He spent his home alone time making videos and uploading them to Google’s video vertical. Not those kind of videos!

Technorati Gets “Major Update”

Technorati founder and CEO Dave Sifry made a big entry on the site’s Weblog today to celebrate its third birthday and announce a number of updates. A lot of the changes appear to reflect users’ suggestions, and he noted, “This is just a start – there’s more to come.”

Scott Gatz: Yahoo Intrapreneur

Scott Gatz is pretty stoked at the ability to be an Intrapreneur at Yahoo. He gets to make a case for a project, acquire resources and above all, innovate.

Skinning the Socialtext

While a wiki emphasizes content over form, many Socialtext customers need to customize look and feel.

ShopWiki Shopped

ShopWiki, a wiki search engine for shopping, raised $6.2 Million from Generation Partners. If they can cultivate a community, I think they have promise.

Wired Magazine Owner Conde Nast Buys Wired News
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Conde Nast, owner of Wired Magazine, has bought Wired News. If that seems confusing, it doesn’t matter if you have been paying attention.

Slightly Sunburned, Congdon Strikes Back

“Dirty laundry is not attractive,” writes Amanda Congdon, the now former Rocketboom video blogger with a cult following. Her sudden public exodus yesterday sparked the Internet version of the Star Jones Wars of last week. Everyone knows that if you’re going down, you should go down shooting.

DeskBrowse Available For Free

It’s “lightweight and has a very responsive interface.” It’s “innovative,” and offers “blazing speed.” Maybe I watched too much racing yesterday, but this sounds like a sports car. But no – it’s DeskBrowse! And now it’s free. Mac users everywhere can rejoice.

Yahoo Messenger for Mac Beta Released

I meant to write this up last night but got home a bit too late for that. If you’ve been a suffering with Yahoo! Messenger on your Mac for the last few years, download the new beta and rejoice.

Case Study on Enterprise Wiki and Blog Use

Socialtext released an update to the Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) case study on enterprise wiki and blog use.

Yahoo Drops The Ball With E-mail, IM Services

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a number of people found their Yahoo e-mail and instant messaging unresponsive. The company admitted to experiencing an outage early Wednesday morning.

Podvertising Gives NPR a Boost

National Public Radio, which wholeheartedly embraced podcasting early, is seeing a nice return on its investment.

Imbee – Social Networking for Kids
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Imbee has has launched a new social networking site that caters to kids.

Mothers All Over Social Networking

More than any other demographic group, mothers seek out their online peers for support and advice, according to a new report from eMarketer.

Netscape Back with Hybrid Journalism Site

Netscape is back baby and in a big way.

New Social Network for Moms Opens

Someone at the Association of National Advertisers conference I spoke at asked me if social networking was just for kids and teens. It isn’t. In fact, just yesterday a new social network for Moms called Mommybuzz opened.

comScore: Social Networking Booming Worldwide

Comscore Media Metrix just released audience numbers for some of the largest social networking sites on the Web.

Google May Acquire Thumbstacks Says Gartner

MarketingVOX is reporting the Gartner Group thinks that Google will likely acquire a web-based PowerPoint-like presentation application, such as Thumbstacks.

Bloggers Need Talent Agencies

Shel Holtz brings us a ditty about an HR blogger named Cheesman who auctioned himself on eBay and snagged $7,000 to promote a company at the upcoming Society of Human Resources Management conference.

Om Malik Leaves Business 2.0 to Go Solo

Business 2.0 journalist/blogger Om Malik is reportedly quitting Business 2.0 and going solo.