“Weblog” Term Celebrates Tenth Birthday

“Weblog” Term Celebrates Tenth Birthday

By Doug Caverly December 17, 2007

It’s sometimes hard to believe how quickly things move; it was only ten years ago that a certain word was coined, and yet some people now use an abbreviated form of it a dozen (or more) times a day.  The word, of course, is "weblog."

Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto

Rules to at least read and get to know better, blogging on any level means that you are claiming to be an expert in something, even if you are an expert in rambling about the iniquities of life.

People do read what you say, and they form an opinion of the company you work for, or even just you when they read your weblog/blog or other communications. If you are corporate blogging you are the window to the world, you are a direct representative of that company when you blog.

Polar Rose: Facial Recognition Startup

While at Le Web 3, Nikolaj Nyholm told me about his new facial recognition startup, Polar Rose, which just launched.

Your Blog – Does it Have a Disclosure Policy?

With more pressures on bloggers to disclose their business relationships, Weblog Tools Collection points to a neat Wordpress plugin that helps bloggers set up their own disclosure policy.

Socialtext Unplugged

Today at Le Web 3 in Paris we launched Socialtext Unplugged, the offline wiki.

Mayfield Talks Wikis with Scoble

Robert Scoble and I spent an hour talking wikis and other stuff. The result is this video.

New Screencast Of wikiCalc

Dan Bricklin just put up a new screencast of wikiCalc that shows off some of the features in the same release that will become SocialCalc.

Mayfield Chats with Ramji on Port 25

When we launched SocialPoint on Monday, I had a chance to sit down with Sam Ramji of Microsoft.

Technorati and OpenID

Technorati Weblog: Blog Claiming with OpenId – Technorati is out with an announcement that they are going to begin to support OpenID as a way for blog authors to associate their identity with their blog.

Sales Teams Powered by Wikis

Kris Duggan recently joined Socialtext and shares some best practices for using wikis for managing sales.

Weak Online Advertising

I’m always on the lookout for weak signals for the online advertising market, the driver for the consumer internet.

Teqlo Launches

Jeff Nolan just blogged what company he left SAP for, Teqlo, which lets enterprise users as developers assemble, publish and invite.

Pincus Punked by the Post

Mark Pincus was made an example by the Washington Post because he stuck to his principles and refused to be censored.

Useful Excel Data Collection Tip

If you’re in the Web Analytics/SEO industry you will often find yourself trying to copy data into excel from other sources (Keywords, Search Engine Stats, etc…). An article posted at Text Link Brokers makes importing data into excel VERY simple.

Jeff Nolan Leaves SAP

Jeff Nolan has moved on from SAP. He has really served as a model to follow for others working in a large company that hope to move it forward.

Wiring the Wiki

The Wired Wiki project is really coming along. The main article has over 100 edits from a diverse group, there are lots of headline suggestions and sanding of the deck.

Google Base Releases GData API

Google released its Google Base data API, GData for short, that allows developers to write dynamic and interactive applications for Google Base. This opens up the possibility of Google Base mash-ups that combine content with other services.