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Poll Shows That CEOs Constantly Think About Company Reputation

New research from Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross and the Weber Shandwick team suggests company executives are well aware of the importance of a spotless reputation–and just how easily they can personally screw it up!

YouTube Strikes a Deal with the BBC

In a move that seems to run contrary to recent trends, YouTube has actually come to an agreement with a major content provider. The BBC announced on Friday that it has struck a deal with the popular video-sharing site that will see the UK based broadcasting company share in advertising revenue generated by YouTube traffic.

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

Astroturfing: Time to walk the talk

Last month’s anti-astroturfing initiative by Australian PR bloggers Trevor Cook and Paull Young got off to a good start with plenty of commentary in support of the idea.

Branding: Focus or Flexibility?

My last post, Positioning for Extinction, stirred up quite a debate. Laura Reis, a big proponent of highly focused brands, suggested that Weber stick to charcoal grills and launch a new brand for gas grills.

Branding: Positioning for Extinction?

I just came across Laura Reis’ post about why Weber should limit their brand name to charcoal grills (excluding gas) and I just have to disagree.

Extraordinary Nobodies

Catching up with email unread since last Wednesday (having been away), I start with one from Eric Eggertson which helps me get up to speed with the extraordinary tale of the nobodies.

Weber Shandwick Hires PR Blogger Jeremy Pepper

Congratulations to Weber Shandwick on hiring PR blogger Jeremy Pepper.

Syndicate Don’t Hesitate

IDG’s content syndication conference, Syndicāte, begins today with Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google among the speakers discussion social media topics like blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds.

It’s context that’s important

teve Broback at Blog Business Summit has posted a list of 51 PR firms whose websites include the word ‘blog’…