YouTube To Stream Lollapalooza

YouTube To Stream Lollapalooza

By Chris Richardson August 2, 2011

The Lollapalooza music festival kicks off for its 20th anniversary this upcoming weekend (August 5-7) at Chicago’s Grant Park. Unfortunately for those of you who haven’t bought tickets yet, it appears as if you’re out of luck. Never fear, however, …

Searchology from Google

I just had a chance to watch part of the webcast of Google’s Searchology presentation with Marissa Meyer, Craig Silverstein and others.

Adobe CS3 Launch Event – March 27th

Adobe is set to have a launch event of Adobe CS3 on March 27th in New York City. The event will be simultaneously webcast on an Adobe web site for all the world to watch. According to Adobe this will be the largest launch event in their 25 year history.

Forrester Releases Webcasting Report

Forrester Research just released a new report by Claire Schooley on the use of webcasts in large organizations.

SNL Goes Mobile With Cingular

NBC Universal and Cingular announced yesterday that legendary sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live will now be available on Cingular mobile handsets.

Live, From New York, It’s Saturday Night Webcast

NBC executives are publicly contemplating webcasting the Friday night rehearsals of the popular sketch comedy show, “Sautrday Night Live”.

A Million-Attendee Event

This week, the Jamestown 400th Commemoration Commission hosted a webcast from Jamestown, Virginia. They worked with The History Channel to create a webcast aimed at school children to teach about the first permanent English settlement in America. The event was broadcast by satellite on television, but was also available over the Internet. According to news accounts, the audience was estimated at more than one million viewers.

Microsoft and Novell Agree!

Well I’m watching the Live Webcast of Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmers announcement now and wow it looks like the partnership between Microsoft and Novell (Linux) as reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, is True!

GOOG Q3 Conference Call Next Week

Google will hold its quarterly conference call on Thursday, October 19, to discuss how the company fared in Q3 2006.

Yahoos Time Capsule

Yahoo is asking users to submit photos, writings, videos, audio, anything they want to contribute to an electronic anthropology project: An internet-based time capsule to show off 2006 to future generations.

Katie Couric To Be Broadcast And Webcast

CBS Digital Media plans to make their news anchor an omnipresent figure by simulcasting her evening news show online and over-the-air.

IE7 Layout Complete Build Coming

Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft will be unwrapping a “layout-complete” version of Internet Explorer 7 at Mix 06 next week.

Google Analyst Day

So, the info is out about Google’s latest Analyst Day.

Google to Host Analyst Day

Google has announced they’ll be hosting an Analyst Day on March 2nd.

Google Down Ahead Of Earnings Announcement

After-hours trading in shares of the search advertising company declined slightly from the previous close, down $1.02 to $425.80.

Google 4Q Earnings Webcast Jan. 31st

Google will be announce its 2005 fourth quarter results via Webcast on January 31st at 4:30 EST, the search company announced yesterday.

GM Videocasts New Concept Car

“What do you think of it?” asks General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz in a post yesterday on the GM FastLane Blog.