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Miss Teen USA Victim of Cyber-Crime

What would you do if someone sent you an e-mail threatening to release pictures that they stole, off of your computer, to the media if you didn’t cooperate and send them nude pictures of yourself? Would you go to the …

Opera 12 Exits Beta With New Features Opera 12 Exits Beta With New Features
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Opera 12 went into beta back in April. The newest version of the underdog browser brought along some great new features like improved HTML5 support and better security. Opera 12 is now out of beta and brings along with it …

Webcam Hacking Movie Looks To Heighten Awareness Webcam Hacking Movie Looks To Heighten Awareness
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Webcam hacking is a term and practice you may not have heard of, but will never forget after watching the movie below. The movie is simply titled “Webcam“, and was shot completely on none other than an actual webcam. The …

National Park Service Unveils Old Faithful Webcam

Those of you who are stuck in windowless cubicles might enjoy this, and actually, unless you’re already in a national park, it could prove interesting, regardless.  The news: there’s a live video feed of Old Faithful.National Park Service Unveils Old Faithful Webcam

Yahoo Messenger Webcam Zero-Day Exposed

Online chatter about a vulnerability in Yahoo Messenger has proven accurate, as a flaw in the service’s Webcam capabilities can be exploited.

Twitter, Ustream (How Much is Too Much?)

Way back in the mists of time, Internet-wise, there was Jenni-cam — a camera (and later, cameras) trained upon Jennifer Ringley 24 hours a day, regardless of what she was doing. That seemed kind of weird, but after awhile it wasn’t really that weird at all. Now there’s Stickam, where hundreds of people stream their video-cameras, and Justin.tv and now Ustream.tv, which lets anyone create their own personal version of the movie EdTV.