Web2.0 Articles

Online Advertising Should Grow Up

A piece from the New York Times has reignited the debate over online advertising and the monetization of the “long tail” of the Web, one that got a boost recently with a post from Jeremy Liew, a venture capitalist at Lightspeed Venture Partners, who noted that in order to build a business with $50-million in revenue — pretty small beer in most circles — a site would have to have about gazillion page views a month (I’m rounding up).

Twitter to Live, Don’t Live to Twitter

Is all the fuss about Twitter much ado about nothing, as Shakespeare put it?

Twitter – Noise, But Signal Too

It seems as though everyone has an opinion on Twitter, the instant-messaging style app that Blogger founder Ev Williams shut down Odeo to focus on (wise decision, that). Pete Cashmore says that it’s another way to blog about your cat, while Karoli at Drumsnwhistles just doesn’t see the point — and in the comments on her blog, Robert Scoble says Twitter hate is “the new black.”

Prerequisites For Business-Driven Web 2.0 Efforts

Since the beginning of the year, have been asked the following question (in various forms) time and time again: If we want to use this social media "stuff" to connect with customers, how do we get started?

Automate Web Apps and Sites by Recording Browser Activity

We’ve all heard the latest buzz word, Web 2.0. Whatever you think of this new moniker the fact is that most of us are using web sites and web applications every day and their use is growing.

Yahoo! More Web Services!

Yahoo turned four APIs loose on its Developer Network; third-party coders can craft applications using technology from Yahoo’s Photos, Calendar, MyWeb and Shopping products.