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Is Instagram Moving Toward A True Web Experience?

Instagram is and has always been a mobile platform. Their iOS and Android apps, though incredibly popular, are really the only ways for users to interact with the network. Basically, what I’m saying is if you rely too much on the web for your Instagram experience, you’re gonna have a bad time. But although Instagram’s history is rooted entirely on …

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Instagram On The Web Isn’t So Worthless Anymore

Finally, there is actually a point to clicking on your friends’ Instagram pictures that they cross-post to Facebook, Twitter and other social realms. That’s because Instagram has finally given users something to do when they land on the photo page. Before, an individual page for an Instagram photo was sparse – and the only real functionality of the page was …

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Google Docs Getting Google Search Spell Check

Google Search has a pretty impressive spell check in place that lets you know if you’ve spelled a word wrong and gives you suggestions as to what word you might have been wanting to spell. Turns out the guys that run Google Docs thought this was pretty cool too as they’re bringing it to Docs. Yew Jin Lim, a software …

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More Proof That Good Ideas Transcend Time And Media

I can’t get over this wonderful project Google is doing called, Project Re: Brief. In it, the folks at Google take great advertising from the past and have the original creatives re-look at the big idea and how they might apply it in today’s advertising and marketing landscape. The first project looked at the classic Coke commercial from 1971 where …

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The One Thing You Absolutely Need To Know About Writing For The Web

Titles are incredibly important when you’re writing for the web. Startup Stats CEO Nick O’Neill wrote an interesting blog post discussing the importance of titling articles on the Internet in which he looks at an example of a New York Times story, which Forbes also covered with a different title, only to see more shares and traffic than the original …

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Mobile Internet Doubling In Usage

Mobile web is such a great convenience, what with being able to easily and quickly access information, often faster than that of high-speed or broadband on most PC’s or laptops. According to StatCounter.com, mobile internet usage has sky-rocketed up to 8 1/2 percent this year; way up from only 4.3 percent last year comparatively. The graph below shows what it …

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Mexicans Well Overcharged Billions In Phone Web

Mexico is the second largest Latin American economy, but it seems the cost of phone and internet bills are holding it back. From the years of 2005-2009, consumers in mexico spent 13.4 billion dollars per year excess for phone and internet. Also it seems the highest fees impacted the poorer families. This overcharging ended up costing the country 129 billion …

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