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Nielsen’s Latest U.S. Media Trends Nielsen’s Latest U.S. Media Trends

Nielsen has just submitted the second part of its State of the Media: Advertising & Audiences Report, which sheds light on DVR usage, as well as viewership of streaming content platforms like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, who appears to making …

Web TV Vs. Traditional Television
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With YouTube as the second largest search engine on the Web, it’s apparent that Web TV is growing in value and usage. Although trends also show that the quality of the content has moved beyond the infamous silly cat videos, the quality of Web TV still has room for improvement. But, what should it look like?

Yahoo Expects Millions of OEM TVs/CE Devices to Ship with Yahoo in 2010 and 2011

As the world waits for Google TV to be unleashed this holiday season, Yahoo is doing its best to remind consumers that it already has a foot firmly in the space. The company did so when Google made its announcement, and now on the heels of a survey released by iSuppli last week, they’re at it again.

Google Expresses Doubts About Web TV

Vincent Dureau was something of a hit when he attended the Cable Europe Congress. Dureau, you see, is Google

The Future Of Web Video

Just what direction web video is going raises a challenging question. While Youtube has been an obvious success for the short video clip format, will there be a sustainable market for longer form web video?